Recharge Your Phone Via GTBank is the main talk of today. Note that In recent years, It has never been easy in recharging one’s mobile line as one of the best banks in the world GTBank Nigeria came up with several methods which will enable you to freely buy/purchase call credit or mobile recharge.

Once you got this done, it will be billed from your GTB account. Science is gradually dominating the world. A time will come when nobody will stress themselves at all due to these little issues because everything will now be meant to be online.

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Recharge Your Phone Via GTBank

Recharge Your Phone Via GTBank

So, therefore, this time, it’s been simplified, because it is now more simple than you can ever imagine. All you need to do is kindly send an SMS or recharge via dialing the GTBank recharge code/shortcode.

It is important we make it known to you all that with the new GTBank recharge process, all you are been required to do is to send an SMS or dial a shortcode from your line, once that is done, your account gets billed and you automatically have airtime/call credit topped up on your mobile line.

Important Note: Please make sure that the number you used in opening the GT Bank account is still intact, if you have in one way or the other miss placed the number you used in registering your GT bank account, you don’t need to worry, all you need to do is to visit the nearest GTB branch rectify the issue and as well get your new line running with your account.

How To Recharge via GTB SMS

You need to follow the simple steps below;

1. To Recharge Your Phone Via GTBank you just have to kindly Launch the SMS app of your mobile phone and type (“Network Amount NUBAN no)  did you find it difficult to understand? well, let us be more candid. let’s go by this example, if you want to recharge your MTN line with 750 recharge, you just have to type “(MTN 750 1234567890)“. Make sure that you typed it without quotes, and remember that your NUBAN number instantly refers to your GTB account number.

2. Kindly send the SMS to 080766655555. After that, you are good to go because that is you will be credited with the credit you requested for and also your accounts will be debited accordingly.

Buying Airtime via GTBank’s USSD Recharge ShortCode

Many users really prefer this method just because it is easier and yet effective for recharging via GTBank.  Do the following below;

1. To obtain credit from GTB Bank, you just need to simply Dial *737*Amount# and that’s it. let’s be more candid. You want to buy a credit plan of N1,500 recharge, just go ahead to dial *737*1500# from the line used in your GTBank registration.


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