Verified PayPal Account GT Bank has really been the talk of the town with so many interested and looking for how to get one, you have no worries because we will be talking on how you can get a Verified PayPal Account GT Bank. Before now, I wrote an article on how to recharge your mobile phone via GT Bank, now we are on the latest topic which many people have been longing to hear and read.

Talking about Paypal, You should be able to register it in your mind that Paypal has been the world’s major means of Payment on the internet, and when talking about seeing how they can be brought down to Nigeria, to be honest with you it is really a welcome development we have always been praying and waiting for.

Please note that or now, Paypal has not enabled peer-to-peer transactions in Nigeria, you can only make purchases and not receive payments with your Nigerian Paypal account.

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Verified PayPal Account GT Bank

Verified PayPal Account GT Bank

How To Sign-up A Nigerian IP Based Paypal Account

Below are the simple guide to signing up a PayPal account from Nigeria.

1. Kindly Visit Paypal Nigerian portal via and click on Signup at the top right corner of the page.

2. Go down to Click on “Open Account” under the “individual” section for a personal account.

3. Carefully Fill in all your details and click on “Agree and Create Account“.

Get Verified Using GT Bank’s Naira MasterCard

For those that don’t know how it works, know it that if you fail to have a Verified PayPal Account GT Bank, you will only be limited to a $250 limit. But if you try as much as you can to Verifying your PayPal account, you will surely spend as much as you will.

4. Please note that a new page would come up with a form to log in to your Card details. You can also verify yours if you have the GTB master card.

5. Note that You’ll be redirected to your account’s dashboard. But Firstly, you have to activate your PayPal account by clicking the activation link sent to the mail you registered the account with. Secondly, you need to link and confirm your credit or debit card.

Click on “Link and confirm credit or debit card” or “Get Verified” link in your account’s dashboard, insert your GTB MasterCard details once more then click on “Continue“. You can make use of any Nigerian bank’s Visa or MasterCard.

6. After the above exercise, Know it that before you will be given a Verified PayPal Account GT Bank, Paypal would deduct $1.95 from your card which they’ll be refunded in the next 24hrs. You will now receive an alert via SMS or email with a code that you’ll use to complete the whole verification process.

The Naira equivalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

After you must have received this just copy the 4 digits before CODE (highlighted in red) from your mail or SMS alert. That’s what you need to do in other for your card to be confirmed.

7. login once more to your Nigerian Paypal account and click on the “Confirm Card” link which will appear on the right sidebar of your dashboard. Then type in the four-digits you copied from your bank alert and click on “Confirm Card” as shown below.

Verified PayPal Account GT Bank


8. Good news because You’ll get a success popup if things really went as planed.

Verified PayPal Account GT Bank



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