Airtel Tariff Plans is the latest for today. Airtel telecommunication is really impressive in terms of Data Bundle Plans. Airtel is one of the best data bundle producing companies in Nigeria, they look unbeatable because of their power across the globe. Today is a well-constructed article, we will be highlighting all the Airtel data bundle tariff plans, which will enable you to know what plan to go for.

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Airtel Tariff Plans

Airtel Tariff Plans

Below Are The available Airtel tariff plans We Are About To Highlight

  • We have Airtel smartTALK 2.0
  • We have Airtel smartCONNECT
  • We have Airtel smartVALUE
  • We have Airtel smartTRYBE Junior
  • We have Airtel smartPREMIER
  • We have Airtel smartROAM

Bear it in mind that all airtel data plans are said to be smart, the offers they bring is still being given out at a smart rate for different category of users. Please note that you can only be allowed to migrate to a different package once a month, after that, you will be charged at N100 for any migration you want to make.

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1: Get To Know about Airtel smart talk 2.0

It is important you know that Airtel smart talk 2.0 offers you the lowest call rates among all networks in Nigeria. You are allowed to make calls at the cost of N11k/s to all local networks throughout the day, But Know that you will have to pay the sum of N5 daily access fee.

Once you have made your first call, the daily access fee will be deducted and all calls throughout the day (including the first one) will be charged at N11k/s. Note that you will be charged free if you did not make any call at all.

In Airtel SmartTALK 2.0, you can make international calls to other European countries in the likes of the USA, Canada, China, India, and UK Landlines at a cheap rate of N20k/s. The daily access fee also applies here.

Please be informed that for you to be part of this Airtel Tariff Plans, you must make sure that your credit balance must not be lower than 5N.

To migrate to this Airtel smartTALK 2.0 plan, simply dial *315#. Note that this plan is available for both new and existing subscribers.

2: Get To Know about Airtel smartCONNECT

Airtel smart connect happens to be the most profitable tariff plan where you stand a chance to enjoy bigger calls and huge data bundle plan bonuses upon recharge.

Please note it that you really don’t need to migrate to smart connect because once your SIM is been registered, you’re automatically placed on the plan, but one funny thing about this plan is that and once you move away from this plan, you will not be able to come back to the plan. So better still you ought to remain where you are to avoid regrets.

Note: You will be credited with 100% Month-end data bonus

Bear it in mind that at the end of every month, 100% of the total airtime recharges will be given to you in the form of a data bundle. However, to enjoy this month-end bonus, you have to recharge at least N200 total in a month.

Let’s be more candid. For those that really don’t understand it is just as simple as ABC. If you recharge up to N500 in a month, you’ll get N500 into your bonus account to be used for browsing only at the end of the month.

So, therefore, browsing with the internet bonus you will be charged at N5 per MB which is said to be valid for 7 days (1 WEEK). Click here to borrow Credit from Airtel

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Airtel subscribers should know that for the first three months of registering your SIM you will be credited with 8X value of your recharges of N100 and above.

As an Airtel user, you are permitted to register most Airtel numbers as Family and friends by dialing *311*2*number#. To delete any number from Family and Friends, you should dial *311*3*number#. To view all your registered numbers dial *311*4#.

You will be allowed to enjoy this 800% of your recharges in this manner in your first 3 months.

  • Your 100% airtime recharge goes to your main account.
  • Your 250% goes to your voice bonus account.
  • Your 250% goes to your data bonus account.
  • Your 100% goes to your social bonus account.
  • Your 100% goes to your Family and friends bonus account. Making it 800%.

GOODNEWS: The data bonus can be used on your social media applications in the likes of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and BBM only, valid for only seven days (AWEEK).

Here are Airtel smartCONNECT call rates

You are permitted to freely make calls to all Airtel Tariff Plans networks, local and international calls which will all be charged at 50k/s.

Getting down to the local calls, you will be charged N60k/s for each call you make, while the international call rates will remain the same. Those of you who communicate with numbers registered Family and friends will be charged at N40k/s.

3: Airtel smartVALUE

In this Airtel smartVALUE, you are allowed to make calls on Airtel Tariff Plans at a flat rate of N15k/s to all networks in Nigeria, going down to international calls, you will be charged N20/s especially calling from Nigeria to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline respectively.

Also on this Tariff Airtel smartVALUE, you will not be allowed to pay a daily access fee just like Airtel smartTALK 2.0, where you are expected to pay the sum of N5 daily to enjoy its benefits.

Do you love Airtel smartVALUE, and you want to be part of it? Simply dial *314#.

4: Airtel smartTRYBE

Airtel smartTRYBE is a super one indeed; it was revealed that this Airtel Tariff Plans can mostly be good and useful for university students because it offers special data bonuses on popular campus locations, and also some additional cheap call and data bundle discounts.

SmartTRYBE data bonuses

Airtel Tariff Plans are really wonderful, they have really made people smile with their numerous Tariff plans. Bear it in mind that all data bundles of N500 and above purchased on all campuses within Nigeria will result in a 30% extra bonus. In this plan, you are permitted to buy 1GB of data for just N500 valid for 7 days.

The night plan of 500MB for N25 is also attached to this plan starting from 12 AM to 5 AM. Making calls on this plan is really an amazing one because you will be only charged with N11k/s.

Do You Love This Plan and you want to take part? Dial *312# to get started

5: Airtel smartTRYBE Junior

This Airtel tariff SmartTRYBE Junior gives you room for learning resources for primary and secondary school children and allows parents to monitor their children on the Airtel network.

This plan offers what we call NERDC-approved courses, which can be can be accessed by dialing *317#. Also know it that kids get 10% of their parents to recharge, and also if you buy data of over 200MB, you will stand a chance to enjoy a 100% Bonus.

6: Airtel smartPREMIER

The Airtel smartPREMIER tariff plan gives you the ability to call all networks, with a call charge of  N11k/s throughout the day, In case you don’t know about this, bear it in mind that if it is your first minute of the day, Your call rate will be charged at N40k/s. International calls are not excluded.

If you recharge the sum of 5000 NGN, you will be qualified to participate in free incoming calls. Internet surfing is not also left out, you will be given a 150MB data bonus on every recharge.

Do You Love This Plan? Simply Dial *318# to migrate to Airtel smartPREMIER,

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7: Airtel smartROAM

If you are a regular traveler you don’t have to worry because this plan Airtel smartROAM is specially meant for you so that you will stay connected with your loved ones and business contacts. You will stand a chance to enjoy free incoming calls on 10 networks in 5 selected countries throughout the month if you recharge at least N5000 in a month

Please note that you really don’t need to recharge all the 5k at once, you can be recharging gradually but with the intention of making your total recharge up to 5000 before the month’s ends so that you will take part.

Please Note To migrate to Airtel smartROAM plan, simply recharge a minimum of N5, 000 when you’re involved on any of the above networks in the stipulated country.

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