To some of you that love reading books online. The kindle fire has been a wonderful tool that one can make use of any time and anywhere. Be rest assured that it is also a dedicated device that lets you read eBooks and do more.

In as much as you desire to read books, be it a fiction or true story which is in the document, trust me you got no worries at all. Kindle fire will help you get that done and dusted.

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Quick Ways To Transfer PDFs From a Computer to Kindle Fire

Quick Ways To Transfer PDFs From a Computer to Kindle Fire

Having known what kindle fire is all about, we will now be sharing with you all how you can simply transfer PDF files from your computer to Kindle fire. This guide will really be of great help to you in as much as you want to read any book of your choice without stress.

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How to Transfer a PDF to a Kindle Fire

Before you can transfer, be rest assured that there are two ways by which you can do that. They are on USB or via Email.

Transfer PDF via USB Transfer

First of all, all you need to do is simply download the document, now connect your USB cord in other to send it to your Kindle fire.

How to Transfer PDF On Windows

In other to get this done and dusted, you have to make sure you follow the below tips.

1. Make sure your USB is been connected to your Kindle Fire

2. Locate the kindle fire folder in the “This PC ” folder, and Click the Kindle folder.

3. Go to Internal Storage which will be open to you, you will see the Kindle there

4. Locate the folder you want the PDF file in.

5. Locate the folder on your computer that has the PDF file.

6.  Just drag the PDF file into the Kindle folder. This will copy the file from your computer into the Kindle folder.

How to transfer PDF on Mac

In other to do this, make sure you have the Transfer app installed. Then you are good to go.

1. Connect your USB cable with your Kindle to your Mac.

2. Locate the folder that has the PDF file. That is the only place you can do the transfer from.

3. Locate the Finder app from your Dock. You will access the Kindle folders. Get the Kindle or Fire folder and double-click it.

4. Go to Internal Storage and open the folder you want the PDF saved.

5. Now you will have to tap on the PDF file and move it into the Kindle folder.

How to Transfer PDF via Email

In other to send PDF via email, you will make sure your internet connection is very active and strong. Below are some steps to take.

1. Enter your Email and compose a new email

2. Fill in the email address you use to sign up for Kindle there.

3. Carefully select Attach Files.

4. Find the PDF file you want to send to the Kindle and select it

4. Click on sending the email.

5. Done and dusted.

After you have sent it, your email will be a a Doc file to the receiver. This is very simple and easy to do if you know what you are doing.

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