It’s Important we make it known to you all that Chrom Browser has been one of the best browsers on earth. it has been impressive and millions of people across the globe are making use of it without issues. Be rest assured that the browser is reliable and fast as well when making use of it.

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How To Disable Extensions on Chrome

How To Disable Extensions on Chrome

Bear in mind that Chrome Extensions provide your browser with more capabilities. Most of the time, these extensions slow down your browser and make you feel bad when carrying out your activities on the chrome browser. On this portal, we will be sharing with you all the simple tricks on how you can disable these extensions.

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Quickest Ways on How to Disable Extensions in Chrome

If you so desire to make sure these extensions are been disabled, kindly follow the steps below to make sure its been down and carried out without issues.

1. Simple Launch the Chrome.

2. Go to the top corner of the right angle where you will locate the three-dot menu icon and click it.

3. Kindly choose the More Tools and next, Extensions. A full list of them will show up. Just a toggle to disable them.

4. Click on Remove on anyone you wish you will no longer be needing. It will be uninstalled sharply.

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Disable Extensions in Chrome Even Without Opening Chrome

You can as well disable some extensions even without opening your chrome browser. In other to do it, kindly follow the steps below.

1. Carefully right-click the Chrome icon and access the properties.

2. Upon the Properties, check for the Target field.

3. Now in the Target field, add “(space)–disable-extensions. “

4. Carefully choose Apply and click OK to effect the changes you want.

Fastest Ways on How to Reinstall Extensions in Chrome

Do you regret it after you must have removed your extensions? stay calm, you can still reinstall the chrome extensions without much stress. Kindly follow the steps below to get that done and dusted.

1. Kindly Launch the Chrome Browser and Log into your Google Account to start-up.

2. Locate the Google Chrome Web Store

3. Go through the list of extensions to select the one you want

4. Click on Add to Chrome.

NOTE: Some Extensions will want you to allow them to access to your data. Agree and continue your job.

5. Now kindly add any extension of your choice and enjoy chrome.

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