It’s important we make it known to you all that You can now simply carry out some posting from your Instagram account straight to your Facebook wall without much stress. All you need to do now simply come to an understanding that both social media platforms is been owned by one.

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Automatically Post From Facebook to Instagram

Automatically Post From Facebook to Instagram

Bear it in mind that Instagram has had the feature to publish posts to Facebook for some time now. That has made it difficult because we have not been able to publish from Facebook to Instagram until recently when Facebook rolled out the new feature. You now have the access to freely post it anytime at all.

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Requirement To Post From Facebook to Instagram

1. Make sure your IG account is a Business account

2. Also make sure your IG account must be linked with your Facebook page.

3. Do all you can to disable two-factor authentication to avoid errors.

Steps In Linking Your Facebook Page and Instagram Account

1. Simply navigate to your Facebook page, go to Settings which is located at the left corner of your screen.

2. Kindly choose Instagram from the options there and select Connect to Instagram

3.  A new page will show up that will request that you sign in to your Instagram. Once done, it’s been connected.

How Can I Create A Post? 

1. Locate your new page in other to get started.

2. Put in Only One picture in the post you want to make.

3. When making the post, make sure you put in your caption. That will as well appear in your IG post.

4. You can as well put in HashTags On the Post your making.

You can re-edit your post if you so desire after you must have posted it already.

When Publishing Your Post!

Please do not be carried away, Hence, Know that posting from Facebook to Instagram is not available to all pages. make do with just one photo.

Furthermore, when making a post, make sure you have already written content for your post. Now kindly select the Instagram checkbox among the sharing options. When you do this, anytime you post on Facebook, it will also be dropped on IG instantly.

Make Use Of Facebook Creator Studio

You can as well make use of this one when posting on your Facebook wall. Before you can get this done and dusted, be rest assured that you must have a Facebook business account before you can get it done. This is how it’s been done below.

1. Login into your Facebook Business Page and click the Publishing Tools option at the top.

2. Open the Creator Studio from the left. When the page has opened, You can now switch from IG to Facebook.

3. Note that you can also create articles from your Instagram Feed and also IGTV.

4. Now carefully choose the Instagram account you want to post to and then post it.

I hope you found this post interesting, Do well to follow the steps above to make sure you carry out this without any form of stress. Do you have any questions regarding this post? kindly make it known to us via the comment session. Stay with us as we do all we can to constantly keep you updated.


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