It is one thing to be able to speak and another is to be able to speak in public. Some persons will have opportunities to speak in seminars or presentations, You will be needing software that will really make sure you are making use of presentation software that will make it easy for you.

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How to Embed Audio into Google Slides

How to Embed Audio into Google Slides

Considering the fact that humans are visual beings, having what you are talking about in graphics format on a screen can aid assimilation in listeners. Be rest assured that with the likes of Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides, users can now create slides for presentation.

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Furthermore, you can as well add audio to your slides too. Be rest assured that in this article, we will be sharing with you all the Step By Step Guide On How to Embed Audio into Google Slides without having any form of issues. Read down to know how it works.

Guide On How to Embed your Own Audio in Google Slides

Before you can get this done and dusted, you must make sure that the audio file you embed must be converted to MP3 or some specific audio formats. When this is done, kindly upload the audio file to Google Drive and you can embed it into Google Slide from there.

1. Locate the slides and click on insert to add a file and select Audio.  You will see a new page containing all the audio files in your drive. Tap on the one you want to make use of and the end of the bottom screen.

2. Be rest assured that the audio icon will now appear at the upper-left corner which is the default position. You can change the position by dragging it to the desired place.

3. Bear in mind that you can also resize the icon the way you want by dragging in and out any of the small blue squares around it.

4. Do well to adjust playback settings. You will see this on click by default. Tap on the audio icon and from the menu bar, select Format. Next, navigate Format Options > Audio Playback section > Automatic. You can increase the volume with the button.

How to Hide Audio Icon

Bear in mind that you can as well hide the audio icon by just using the auto playback option, you can decide to hide the audio icon. In other to do that, kindly select the audio icon, then going to the menu bar to select Arrange > Order. Furthermore, Use the Send backward or Send to back options to put the icon behind another element on the slide.

How to Embed YouTube Audio in Google Slide

Before you can do that, make sure you convert the YouTube audio to audio format. You can do this via this online converter site  Kindly copy the YouTube video link and paste it into the converter. Follow the steps below.

1. make sure you upload the converted audio file to Google Drive.

2. Now on the google slides, go to Insert, select it and click Audio. Here you are allowed to choose the video.

3. Drag the icon to change its position or explore other options in the Format Options.

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