One of the best and accurate ways you can enter data is by making use of spreadsheets. This is simply because a spreadsheet makes the work looks easy, fine, and well presentable. Be rest assured that a spreadsheet makes it easy to work with data and one great tool for doing this is Google Sheets.

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How to Convert Rows to Columns on Google Sheets

How to Convert Rows to Columns on Google Sheets

I have made use of Microsoft Excel and that is a better example. The online tool simply helps users to display and properly present data in a row and column format and also use bars and charts to represent data. All you will do is been done online.

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One this I really like about this whole thing is just that you can be able to work with rows and columns when you apply a spreadsheet. The one sweetest Feature is that you can be able to convert rows to columns. In a wel written article, we will be sharing with you the detailed guide on how to Convert Rows to Columns on Google Sheets.

How to converting Rows into Columns

Take your time and run through the article for proper understanding. When followed carefully, You are there.

Having known that the table compiles of A1, B1, C1, D1 in the position of A1, A2, A3, and A4.  Know that it is also on the whole table.

1. Just left-click the whole table to select it using your mouse to drag across the entire table. Do this with shift and arrow keys to select the cells.

2. Now you will have to right-click on the table and choose Copy on your computer. After that, locate the empty field to begin the table using your mouse.

3. Now after ou must have finished selecting the field, right-click on it and hit Paste Special. On the drop-down menu, select Paste Transposed.

Once this has been done, your table rows will be changed to columns.

How to convert Rows into Columns by using Functions

Its a pleasure we make it known to you all that functions are also a part of Google Sheets. This is because they are made up of html codes which helps you to be able to manipulate your table and data on it. When you make use of functions, It offers you more easy way of converting tables rather than pasting them.

1. Kindly double-click on the field where you want your new table to start.

2. Now on the field, type “=” and and “TRANSPOSE”. You will now see google sheets  which will serve as a guide on how it can be used and how it simply works.

3. You will now have to choose the fields you want to transpose in its brackets and differentiate them with kindly  “:”. Press Enter. Then enter the following syntax into the empty field: = TRANSPOSE(A1:D1).

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After you must have done that and press enter, you will find out that only the rows was converted. This is because the TRANSPOSE function only allows one argument.


With the help of the above articl on How to Convert Rows to Columns on Google Sheets, you can now carry out the task on your own in as much as the steps are carefully followed.

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