How To Link M-Pesa Account To Paypal- Detailed Guideis the main talk of the the day. Today we will be looking at how you can you can simply link your  m-pesa account to PayPal, which will now allow you Withdraw and also Deposit to your PayPal Wallet via m-pesa. It is a pleasure we make it known to you that recently, M-pesa announced their partnership with PayPal which will  enable all M-pesa users to link their account to their PayPal wallet for easy Withdrawal and deposit of funds.

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How To Link M-Pesa Account To Paypal- Detailed Guide

How To Link M-Pesa Account To Paypal- Detailed Guide

Please it is important you know it that you can not be a partaker of this if you don’t have a paypal account. Well If you don’t have a PayPal Wallet and you are same time interested to have one for your self, it is very simply. All you need to do is to just head straight to the PayPal Website and Sign up for a new wallet.  And also if you don’t have a  m-pesa account, you will have to visit any of the m-pesa outlet/Agent near you in order to open an account. Once you have both accounts ready, then we can move on to figuring out how to link both accounts.

How To Link M-Pesa Account To Paypal

Below are the simple steps in which you will and can link your M-pesa Accounts To Paypal. Kindly follow it carefully in other not to make a mistake.

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  • Go to PayPal’s Mobile Money Portal. (PayPal’s Mobile Money service with m-pesa)
  • Click On Get Started, It will take you to PayPal’s Log In screen.
  • Then Input your PayPal Log In Details
  • Now Allow/Agree TransferTo to link your PayPal wallet to your m-pesa account.
  • After that, you will Enter your m-pesa Number and Click on Link your accounts.
  • If the number you provided is attached to an m-pesa account, You will receive a text message on the phone number you provided containing a 4 digit PIN.
  • Input the 4 digit verification code text message you received in the box provided for confirmation.
  • Once that it done, then your PayPal wallet and your m-pesa Account will now be successfully linked.

With the above steps, you are good to go. You can now go ahead and Deposit/Withdraw from and to your PayPal wallet via m-pesa.

Important Notice!

Before linking them, make sure and also bear it in mind that the PayPal wallet and m-pesa account carries the same full names and phone number before trying to link them. Any form of differences in the name or phone numbers might lead to you getting an error message while trying to link both accounts.

Know it that you might want to send PayPal Customer Care a message to hopefully resolve the issue.  To stress you a little, they might ask you to show them enough proof supporting your claim that the two accounts belong to you.

Please Know it that all users of m-pesa in Kenya, India, South Africa and other respective countries m-pesa operates in can now freely link m-pesa Account to PayPal. PayPal is perhaps one of the biggest names/company when it comes to online payment.

Some don’t really know what the  m-pesa is all about. Well without wasting much time, know it that it helps users to buy goods and services online. Why because PayPal is not widely known but also widely accepted online. They can also get paid for providing goods and services on the internet which can in turn be transferred to you m-pesa account. That is it.

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