How To Clean a Laptop is what we will be talking about today. But before that, it interests us we make it known to you that computer is now part of human lives with everyone interested in getting one for themselves.

A personal computer is a very good asset to acquire in your day to day duties, We are in a world where you don’t really need to stay away from the internet so that you will be updated with things going on around the world.

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How To Clean a Laptop

How To Clean a Laptop

Today we will be looking at how you can be able to maintain that on your personal computer or laptop. It is quite unfortunate that some people are not really interested in making or cleaning their laptops. That is the main reason why this article is been caved out to let you know how you can be able to safely guide, clean, and maintain your laptop so that it will last longer than you can ever imagine.

Here Are the Laptop Parts to Clean

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that the main five large parts of the laptop you should clean are the ports, the laptop keyboard, the LCD screen, the cooling vents, and the case. For those of you who can also open their system to get rid of and expose dirt in its cooling system.

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How To Clean a Laptop

How To Clean a Laptop

But you can only do this if you’re really comfortable opening up your system. Know it that when you are always interested in Cleaning the system, it will aid in solving the trouble of overheating and related symptoms like your system freezing or having problems shutting down.

Important Things to Known!

Below are the following things you should clean in your laptop

  • Please Don’t make use of tap water, it has been said that it leaves eternal mineral spots. So Bottle water is best to make use of.
  • On the other hand, Make use of the kind of cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses. You can use a soft and also do note not to use facial tissues, paper towels, or abrasive or scratchy clothes, they are all harmful to the systems.

Procedure To Start Cleaning Your Laptop/PC

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How To Clean a Laptop

How To Clean a Laptop

  • Before you commence cleaning, please make sure the laptop is off and not plugged, then carefully remove the battery.
  • After removing the battery, make use of a 1:1 cleaning solution using the alcohol and bottled water.
  • Please Moisten the cloth with the cleaning materials– Don’t make it too wet, it should just be a little bit moistened. Don’t go ahead to spray anything on the laptop; the liquid should go on the cloth first before cleaning.

How to Clean the Laptop Case

Before going down to clean the Laptop case, make sure you make use of a soft cloth to wipe down the external part of the laptop. With this style of cleaning, it will assist you in making it look brand-new. Then open the lid and clean the areas around your keyboard.

How To Clean the Keyboard and Touchpad

In other to clean the keyboard and touchpad, you will have to make use of compressed air to release and remove crumbs, dirt, and everything else that may be trapped in the keys.

Hope you understand, well let’s be more practical here. Please note this, you can turn the computer over and gently shake out any movable debris, running your fingers over the keys to help the process faster.

How To Clean a Laptop is still the main gist, while in that process, If your keys are stuck, you can also get rid of the individual keys and wipe below them with cotton dipped in the cleaning solution. Make sure you check your system manual to ensure that the keys can be removed for cleaning.

We discovered that Some systems have drains built into the keyboard. well if you think you love that, you can also put distilled water into the keyboard and let it dry by itself. Don’t just rush into in, properly Check your manual to make sure you can do this before doing it. After all that, you will now make use of a soft cloth to clean the keys and touchpad.

How to Clean the LCD Screen

On this aspect, you must be very careful in other not to do anything stupid that will turn out to damage your system. Please bear it in mind that in other to properly clean the Screen, you should make use of a soft cloth, or if you have another cloth.

You can make use of a newly moistened cloth if the previous cloth is too grimy (again, don’t spray any solution on the display screen). Carefully make use of gentle circular motions or clean the display from right to left or from top to bottom.

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