This is really important we make it known to you the simple and easiest method on how to install ADB and FastBoot on Windows PC.  Know it that just with ADB and FastBoot Installed on your Windows PC, you have no worries because you can Root your Android phone, Unlock bootloader of your phone and probably flash a custom ROM, etc.  Before we commence, we will be looking at what ADB and FastBoot really are. Below is a vivid explanation of what they are.

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What Are ADB and FastBoot?

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without wasting time, we will be looking at what ADB means, well it stands for Android Debug Bridge, it is a server program which is been used for application development. Know it that it simply serves as a bridge between your Windows PC and your Android device.

It’s important we make it known to you that with ADB, you can send terminal commands to your smart Android phone with the help of your Windows PC as long as they are both connected through the USB cable.

Going down to the FastBoot, simply allows you to Modify the Android system files. Know it that you with this app,  FastBoot, you can flash or modify custom recoveries, and also install new custom recovery straight from your Windows PC, as long both devices (Android device and Windows PC) are connected with the USB cable.

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How To Install ADB and FastBoot On Windows PC

Important Notice: The main fact about the ADB and FastBoot is comes with universal Google drivers for almost all phone so once you install this, you won’t need a new driver(s) for your Android device.

  • Download the ADB and FastBoot Setup File
  • Now Run(Double-Click) the ADB-setup.exe file and allow administrator privileges.
  • You will see a pop-up, a blue background prompt window with the questions Do you want to install ADB and FastBoot? (Y/N)”
  • Type Yes and hit enter.
  • ADB and FastBoot will be installed and you will be asked Do you want to install Device drivers? (Y/N)”
  • Click Yes and Enter.
  • A new Device Driver Installation Wizard Window will come up, Simply Tap Next to install the drivers. This will take some time so be patient.
  • Once that is done, click on Finish.

As simple as that. You’ve successfully installed ADB and FastBoot on your Windows PC. Please note that to check if the ADB and FastBoot are up and running on your PC then simply follow the steps below.

  • Simply go to your Windows C Drive (C:) and you’ll see the new ADB Folder.
  • Click on it. Once inside the folder, Look for an empty space and take the mouse pointer there. Now,
  • Press and hold the Shift Key and Right-Click. Scroll to the Open Command Window Here or Open Power Shell Window Here and Click on it.
  • Connect your Android device to your Windows PC and Type in the following Command: ADB devices
  • This will show you the list of devices currently connected to your Windows PC. After that, your ADB and FastBoot will be working perfectly fine.

I hope you found this article helpful, stay with us as we keep you updated. Share this article with a family with friends. If you have any questions, make it known to us via the comment box.



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