If you have been finding it hard to keep your skin clean this very post exposes you to the top 10 ways you would be able to do that effectively.  The skin is really a vital part of the body, and it is quite alarming when a person reluctantly caresses for it.

You need to be careful about what you apply on your face or what comes in contact with it. Things like an unwashed make-up brush, allergic reaction, dirty pillow, and so forth could really cause a lot of harm to your face.

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How To Clean Your Skin

How To Clean Your Skin

In as much as people claim skincare products are dope, you should be careful when buying one. Also make sure to read the contents of the product. However, there are also simple ways in which you can be able to care for your skin.

Most of the amazing ways you can care for your skin do not require new routines. However, thoughtfulness and consistency of everyday tasks would help build a foundation of healthy, beautiful skin.

So, therefore, on this portal, we will be share with you on some Vital Best Ways which can also be the top 10 ways on how to clean your skin. From maintaining a balanced diet, exercising, and more we have got you covered on tips to help you keep your skin clean.

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Top 10 Ways On How To Clean Your Skin

Below are the respective ways by which you can simply clean your skin and make it look sweet and attractive again. Kindly make sure you go through all of them, in other to make use of them properly.

Wash Your Face Twice A day

A lot of people would prefer taking their baths once a day, and it does not help in keeping your face clean. But if you must bath once a day, make sure to wash your face twice.

How To Clean Your Skin

How To Clean Your Skin

Gently with a non-toxic face wash, wash your face morning and night. It helps keep your skin and pores from bacteria. Do not scrub your face while washing it could cause more harm. Also, failing to wash your face can cause an increase in pores size, skin oilier, and even more damage.

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Stay Hydrated

In other to keep your skin clean you need to always drink water. Staying hydrated feeds the skin from the inside and also makes the skin soft. Not drinking water always, makes your skin dried and cracked up. Also make sure you take foods that are hydrating as well.

Avoid Contact With Sun

Protect your skin from direct contact with the sun. Steady contact with the sun can damage your skin. It does not only damage your skin, but it also causes dark spots, wrinkles, and unwanted fine lines. It is advised that if you must stay out under the sun you should endeavor to put on sunscreen.

Steady Exercise

Regular exercise helps increase blood flow to the skin, and also keeps it clear and free of toxins. Exercises like yoga or going for a run helps decrease stress which can lead to unsightly damage to the skin. Also remember to wash your face after exercising to clean the sweat.

Exfoliate Your Skin

It is quite hard to resist the urge when your skinning is dry or itchy you, but it is advised you do so. If you fail to do so it can cause your skin to irritate or even break the important capillaries in the skin. However, exfoliating skincare products like alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) from fruit acid would be the best option.

Read Skin Product Label

Always look at ingredients listing and avoid products that have red flags, especially harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, and artificial fragrance. However, products made with non-toxic, organic ingredients can enrich your skin.

Wash Your Brush

Do not hesitate to wash your make-up brush before use or after use. Regularly wash them with brush cleanser or shampoo. And if you also make use of makeup sponges you should also wash it too. These makeup brushes accumulate bacteria and could really ruin your skincare routines.

You should also be careful about the choice of place you wish to keep it. There could be harmful insects to the brush or tons of bacteria lying around. So, it is advisable to be cautious about where you store your makeup brushes.

Do Not Use Too Many Products

A lot of folks make this mistake of using too many skincare products. It is advised you stick to one. Using more than one skin care product has been kicked against by many dermatologists who claim it is a no-no for the skin.

It has been reported saying that it could be harsh on the skin, resulting in more breakouts and clogged pores. Just make out time and check out your preferred skincare product and make it the only one.

Quit Touching Your Face

It might sound funny, but seriously do not touch your face. It is really important you should avoid contact from your hands to your face without washing it. It does not just spread bacteria and cause breakouts; it could lead to scarring, a possible increase in wrinkles, and even flu or other viruses.

Sincerely speaking it is most definitely the reason for those blemishes on your skin or jaw. Constantly touching things including your phone and putting your hands on your face is really dangerous. If you must touch your face do not hesitate to wash your hands before putting them up on your face.

Change Your Pillow Case

You should also make sure to change your pillowcase in space of three to four days or even lesser if you can keep up. Not changing your pillowcase regularly can really cause a breakout on your skin.

No matter how often you wash your face, it does not change the fact that there are bacteria on the pillowcase from the sweat on your hands, hair, and products you apply on your face at night.


There are lots of other ways to keep your skin clean, but as outlined these are the top 10 ways you should not hesitate to follow.

The skin is a very vital part of our body that needs proper care and we are supposed to be relentless on achieving that. Do you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to send them across through the comment box thank you?

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