Its a pleasure we make it known to you now that with the new facebook tool, users can now transfer media such as photos and videos to Google Photos which has been made available for all users world-wide. Facebook are really doing all the can to make sure they make their users happy.

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Facebook Data Transfer Tool

Before now, it was initially pulled out in ireland in December 2019,UK and in EU on March and United States and canada respectively  which was in 2020. Before now, it was made avaialeble for some parts of Africa such as Asia Pacific, Latin America and lots more. But know its all over.

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Steps On How To Make Use Of  Facebook tool for File transferring

Below are the simple steps on how you can simply set up the tool for you to fully make use of it without stress. Kindly read through.

1. Firstly you will have to login to your facebook account

2. Now carefully click on the down arrow at the end of the upper menu bar and select “Settings.”

3. Kindly click on “Your Facebook Information.” tab

4. Click on “Transfer a copy of your Photos or Videos.”

Facebook annouced that they will be testing out the tool that will make sure the process of transfering files from one platform to another is been carried out without upstruction.

Facebook has long desired to make sure that users will now be able to transfer files from one place to another. They can now store there Images and videos as well.

Trust me, this will really be a welcome development. One thing i really like about this is that you can transfer photos to other companies that joined the data transfer program which was set up in 2018 between Twitter, Facebook and Google.

With this infomation above, you can now make use of Facebook Data Transfer Tool to store your respective files without anyform of issues. Do well to share this post via social media platforms. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.



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