We all carry those tiny computers in our pockets 24/7. We leave them on the nightstand when we go to bed at night only to grab them again in the morning and start all over. Texting, scrolling through social media, reading news, checking work emails, or doing shopping online – there are so many things going on on our smartphones on a daily basis that there is no surprise most of us walk around carrying battery charging banks with us.

slots mobileWhen our smartphones are strong enough to keep us in touch with friends and loved ones every waking hour, while allowing us to engage in some fun hours of gaming online, we should rejoice. For those of you who have a more prominent gamer’s personality who already know about the classic console titles that are also made available via mobiles, the happiness is probably even greater. However, there are lots of modern games with the freshest titles, sounds, and stories and loads of lucrative casino games that can be instantly accessed from any smartphone on a 24/7 basis. No matter if you are a huge fan of pokies online or you are looking for some hot video games on the go, a brand new 3D shooter game or a cool RPG everyone is talking about, it might be time to spend some time learning what is the best smartphone for gaming.

Some of you might be frowning upon these lines right now. The mere thought that a mobile phone could ever compete with a desktop computer destined for gaming might sound weird. Nonetheless, the amazing advent of technologies in recent years has helped smartphones reach remarkable results. If you are now searching for a reliable phone used for gaming, here are a few important elements you will need to keep a close eye on.

Strong Hardware

Asus decided to develop a smartphone and dedicate it entirely to passionate gamers. We are talking about their ROG Phone II. The powerful hardware the phone comes with is not the only attractive feature here. The amazing accessories the phone has including the TV dock, the second screen case as well as the proprietary controller make the device even more suitable for gamers looking to take their gameplay on the go.

The phone can also be tied to a wired keyboard and mouse or an ethernet adapter, which will allow you to connect the phone to the router for an even more stable link.

Shoulder Pad Buttons

A smartphone that is suitable for gaming purposes should also feature integrated shoulder pads that will enable gamers to play cool 3D shooter games. These buttons have the same role as the ones on video game controllers. Players must use their thumbs to manage the movements of the characters within the games.

The index fingers must be pressed along the frame of the smartphone in order to manage the shooting, tapping, jumping, and other game actions. While some phones come with incorporated shoulder pads, it is also possible to purchase these clips and strap them to any phone and enjoy the same functions. Preferably, you should find a phone that has these pads incorporated for more convenience and less hassle.

3D Touch Options

This is another interesting option that you should consider seeing on a phone meant for gaming more than anything. If you are particularly interested in playing shooters like PUBG, you will be allowed to set the firing in such a way so that it is enabled by a 3D Touch press straight into the phone’s display. This means you will enjoy more freedom of movement and that your aiming and firing techniques should be significantly improved compared to the use of your thumbs on the display.

You could opt for the iPhone XS Max if you are searching for a suitable iPhone for your gaming needs. Its 3D Touch feature and impressively large touchscreen make it good for lots of people. The XR or 11 Pro Mx models also come with amazingly sturdy battery life and by attaching some shoulder button clips to them you should obtain a similar experience.

You should also pay attention to the processor the phone comes with. If you are a fan of Android phones, focus on seeing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 written down in the description and you should not have any problems playing most casino games and the majority of shooter games online. The iPhone 8 with the A11 processor or even the A10 on the iPhone 7 is also suitable for gaming purposes.

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