Today, Facebook is probably the world's most popular and targeted social network. With its millions of registered members, Facebook can boast the largest community ever existed in this world.

When we spend our time on Facebook, we usually focus on our friends' comments, on the content posted by the pages that we follow. We tend to forget that we are surprisingly vulnerable just for the simple fact of being on a social network, regardless of what social network it is or what we are viewing on it.

Security Facts And Tips That Everyone Has To Know

The web and the real world aren't that different when it comes to personal security. A thief may want to steal your bag in a train station of the real world, exactly like a hacker may want to steal your personal/financial information through a virtual account. Let's consider also that most people have more than one account, so the risk of having an account hacked is to multiply for the number of owned accounts.

horse racingThe best security tip for you is to avoid registering a new account on a platform/website that doesn't look any secure. If you see that the website URL starts with https://, you know it's safe and verified. You can trust this kind of websites as they are secure and nobody can access any information on them. This is particularly important with accounts for financial transactions. So, don't trust sites that offer sports betting services or sites for financial investments that haven't a secure URL.

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Methods To Hack A Facebook Accounthacker

What about hacking a Facebook account? It's a terrifying thing that nobody should expect to happen. Usually, some professional hackers spend most of their time studying how to cheat a secured website system. We often imagine them to be hooded and dressed in black clothes with an arsenal of software and programs of all kinds… Hackers can't violate a Facebook account that easily. They need appropriate techniques and tools.

The other people who may want to break into someone else's account should have more than a serious reason to do it. For example, parents may want to view their kids' virtual activity to protect them from unknown threats. If this is your case, try these methods:

  1. Manual method
    There's a legitimate and legal way to break into someone's Facebook account. It's also pretty simple. All you have to do is to get the email address used by your targeted person to log on to Facebook. Harvester is a tool that helps you find out all the login information. Then, go to the login page and select "Forgot Password". At this point, Facebook asks you to give your recovery email address to get a link to reset the password. Give an email address that isn't connected to Facebook, answer a few questions to prove you are the owner of your victim's email address. If you know this person quite enough, you'll be able to answer correctly. Finally, change the password. If you don't know how to answer, use 3 friends to help you reset the password. Create Facebook accounts in their name and have them acting as friends to contact for confirmation.

  2. Keylogging softwarekeylogger
    If you are comfortable with technology, use a keylogger software. It's quick and effective. You need to access the person's device to use this method. Find a keylogger, sign up for an account, install the software on the device you want to monitor, start using it. The keylogger will harvest and send you all the used passwords by the device's owner.

  3. Match a password
    If you are lucky, your targeted victim might use a weak password. Using this method is time-demanding and it's based mostly on good luck. As a general habit, most people use their important dates, names, numbers to create their passwords (year of birth, year of marriage, kids' names, or birthdates).

Along with these methods, there are also more ways to access another person's Facebook account legally. Make always sure that nobody will suspect you monitoring someone else's activity on Facebook.


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