Uk Visa Application is the gist of today, Well In a comprehensive article, we at techbams will be lecturing you on how you can simply apply for a Uk visa here in Nigeria.

But before we commence, it is quite unfortunate that so many have little or no idea what Uk is all about. Well going straight to the point, UK Stands for (United Kingdom) which comprises of Powerful countries such as  Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland respectively.

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Uk Visa Application

Uk Visa Application

We have good news for all those who really have the intention to travel overseas, probably for various activities which include vacation, work, or equally For Educational purposes. Bear it in mind that the UK Visa is very mandatory with an international passport that is valid which will allow you to gain access to the country. The official language of these countries is British English.

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It is important we make it known to you all that the United Kingdom has some requirements which you must have before you can be allowed to go into the country freely. Another important aspect of this is that you must as well have a knowledge of the type of visa you are to apply for, which determines the duration in which you will be staying in the country.

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Here Are The Types of UK Visa

Please have it at the back of your mind that going into a foreign country as a foreigner, You will be required of a visa and duration for the application of visa which is 180 days (6 months). Below are the various types of UK visa:

1. We Have The Tier 1 Visa

The Tier 1 visa is been divided into five different categories which are:

General – Not available to new applicants.

Investor – Basically for people who want to invest in the United Kingdom.

Entrepreneur – Basically for those who want to set up a company in the UK.

Graduate Entrepreneur – This is mainly for graduate who has good ideas, dreams, and intentions.

Exceptional Talent – Basically for academically endorsed personalities.

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2. We Have The Tier 2 Visa

The Tier 2 visa is mainly for skilled personalities, hence they will be offered a skilled job in the United Kingdom. Which is also known as  “work visa”.

3. We Have The Tier 4 Visa

Bear it in mind that this particular visa is mainly for students. And Also this visa is been given to students that have proof of admission to a tertiary university in the UK and also have the resources that are needed to live and study in the United Kingdom. Known As “Student Visa”

4. We Have The Tier 5 Visa

his is strictly meant for workers who are been given to several individuals that fall within categories such as the Youth Mobility Scheme, Religious Workers, Government Authorized Exchange, Charity Workers, and International agreement respectively.

5. We Have The UK Family Visa

The UK family visa is mainly for those people who wish to visit their family and relatives who are based in the United Kingdom. Know it that the visa has a duration of 3-6 months and individuals that want to live permanently with their family members would have to follow up a process when they get there.

6. We Have The UK Visitor Visa

Have it the back of your mind that the United Kingdom visitor’s visa is for people who need a visa that would allow them to stay for not up to 6 months. On the other hand, the rest can apply for this kind of visas such as Academic visitors, entertainment visitors, general visitors, special visitors, and ETC.

Important Documents Required for the Application of a UK Visa

Before talking about going to the United Kingdom, Have it in mind that you can be able to hear and understand the English Language so that you can easily communicate over there. And more especially, you must make sure you show your financial statement in order to prove you are capable of taking care of yourself in the UK.

The following is the list of documents that you should have when applying for a UK Visa:

  • You Must Have A United Kingdom application form
  • You must have An international passport
  • You must have An original receipt of the UK visa application payment
  • You must have A colored passport with white background
  • You must have A financial statement of your bank account
  • You must have An official letter from your employer in order to show the reasoning for your visit
  • You Must Have An invitation letter
  • You must have A travel itinerary (for tourist visa applicants)
  • You must have A proof of admission into a tertiary institution in the UK (for student visa applicants)
  • You must have A medical report (for private medical visa applicants)

Important Requirements for Entering the United Kingdom

To those it may concern, these are the following which are been needed to gain access into the UK :

  • You must have A valid visa if required.
  • You must have A valid and passport or travel document that will be accepted for your intended stay.
  • You must have A return ticket back to your Country.
  • You must have adequate funds to sustain you.
  • You must have one blank page in your passport to get your visa endorsement.
  • You must have Adequate medical and health fitness tests. This is required if your Country is having a disease outbreak.

Here Are The Simply Ways On How to Apply for a UK Visa

Without wasting much time, here are the following steps to follow when applying for a UK Visa

Step 1: Please Know the type of visa that is needed must be confirmed.

Step 2: Please note that the UK Visa application form that is obtained online must be filled with valid information.

Step 3: Make sure you know the Online Payment of the UK Visa fee through the payment portals that have been verified.

Step 4: Make sure that the application form is been filled correctly with accurate details.

Step 5: Note that the GWF number should be saved immediately after submitting the form and it is a 12 digit number that has been auto-generated.

Step 6:You must have a scheduled appointment for an interview at the UK embassy.

Step 7: Simply Register for a visa application via Teleperformance or travel agent so that you can track your letter of the application later.

Step 8: You must not fail to attend your interview on the appointed date.

Where To Obtain a UK Visa Application Form

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that here are the two authorized UK Visa applications that are available for Nigerian applicants. The first option is through Teleperformance and the second option is through the Government website (Visa4UK). These are simply the two legit two ways you can be able to obtain the UK application form.

Here Are The Cost Of UK Visa

Well, you have no worries at all because you can simply find the fee on the UK Government official payment,  which has been divided into a country selection, sub visa category, and visa category respectively.

You can check the price of all of them on the site. Please note that examples of these are the standard visitor, short-term study, business visitors, special visitors, diplomatic visitors, course for visitors, and visitors in transit. All of them have their fixed payments which you are to find out.

Where to pay the UK Visa fees

This is not an issue at all, but have it in mind that you can pay your UK Visa fee at any Guaranty Trust Bank branch in Nigeria or through GT Bank internet banking. After the payment, you can simply print the online receipt after you have made payment.

Where to submit UK Visa application

Make sure that the application form is been submitted after you must have filled it. On the other hand, the international passport and other documents should be carried along on the day of the appointment to avoid regrets.

Here Are the Address of the UK Embassies in Nigeria   

We have the UK Embassy, Abuja

We have the British High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria

19 Torrens Close, Off Mississippi Street

Off Shehu Shagari Way (North), Maitama,



UK Embassy, Lagos

British Deputy High Commission

11 Walter Carrington Crescent,

Victoria Island,

Lagos, Nigeria



With the above information, you now know how and where to apply for UK visa Nigeria. If you still have issues of questions regarding this article,UK Visa Application, make it known us via the comment box below. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Please make sure you use 5 seconds of our time to share this article with family and friends via any of the share button.

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