Payoneer Account happens to be an awesome Account that can b used to collect or receive foreign currencies From anywhere around the world. Just like PayPal, with these respective accounts, you really do not have any issues when trying to either send or receive.

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open a Payoneer account

In Our dispensation, people now do lots of business online such as Blogging, Internet marketing, and other serious Online business which is normally done with foreign Money. You don’t have an issue getting paid from outside Nigeria. On this page, we will be sharing with you how to Open A Payoneer Account.

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This Is All You Should Now About Payoneer

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that a Payoneer happens to be a financial service company which is been founded in the year 2003. Be rest assured that it also provides money transfer and digital payment services to millions of customers and users all over the world.

It is available in almost all the countries in the world, and is, therefore, a good alternative to PayPal for individuals living in countries where PayPal is not available or is not fully functional.

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Required details to open a Payoneer account?

Before you can make use of this awesome account, there are some certain details you will really need to have before you can be considered owning an account in Payoneer.

Why do I need a Payoneer account?

I really don’t think that this is a question, A Payoneer account is really important and valid to you as a Nigerian. In as much as you so desire to make use of foreign currencies such as Dollars and Euros. On the other hand, you might also desire to send funds to your friends/ family abroad.

Secondly, this will favor those Internet marketers/ freelancer, because with the help of a Payoneer account,  Making any transactions Online will be very easy for you all.  Have it at the back of your mind that Payoneer has grown to become one best online money transfer companies for individuals. Hence it’s cheaper than western union and direct bank wire transfer.

How to open a Payoneer Account

Below are the simple and legit ways you can simply make use of if you so desire in Opening a Payoneer account in Nigeria and Natio Wide. Simply make sure you follow the below steps in other to create one strong and valid Payoneer Account In Nigeria.

1.  You will have to visit Official Portal by clicking on this link.

2. Make sure you enter your personal details in the spaces provided.

When filling in your details on the provided space, please make sure it corresponds with what you have on your means of identification. Kindly be careful with any of the information you are providing them with.

3. In this area, you will have to fill in your contact details.

When asked to enter your contact details in the space provided, Make sure you indicate “Nigeria” because I live in Nigeria. While if you live outside Nigeria like UK, USA, The Philipines, or any other country, just make sure you select the appropriate one.

Please do well to enter your correct address which happens to be the place where your Payoneer card will be shipped to. After you must have successfully done that, click on next to proceed.

4. You will b required to Enter your Security details.

On this area, you will simply need to enter a strong and simple password which you will remember

Furthermore, make sure you provide a security question and as well, provide an answer to that question.

Be rest assured that the security question will be used to confirm your identity in case of any issues.

Have it in mind that you can as well change the country from the initial one you filled in.

5. You will simply enter your local bank account details

Please make sure you enter Local bank account details. Hence, you will be needing this in as much as you will be performing bank wire transfers from your Payoneer account to your local bank.

Before you can do this, you will have to know your BIC/SWIFT of the respective Bank You are Operating with. After a Completion of that, click to agree to terms and conditions and pricing fees and then click on submit.

Please note that the Payoneer team will conclude the review of your application in less than two working days. Please be patient.

Which Companies/Merchants Pays Workers With Payoneer

It has been believed that certain companies are said to pay their respective workers via Payoneer. In other words, before you can be able to get paid after working, you will need a working Payoneer Account. Failure to get one for your self, meaning there is no Payment For You.

After successful research, we came to find out the Full List of Respect Companies that pay Its workers via Payoneer Account. I will like you all to kindly go through this awesome list if you wish a desire to get paid.

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