MTN is really fun to deal with you know? with their latest data bundle plans made available for all users. Well based on what we gathered, we came to realize that many users have been asking too many questions you know on MTN. You really don’t have issues with this at all because you can now solve all of that with this MTN Do Not Disturb!

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MTN Do Not Disturb

MTN Do Not Disturb

It interests us to let you know that for you yo be able to stop all unsolicited messages from MTN, you will really have to activate  MTN Do Not Disturb. below are all you need to know about MTN DO NOT DISTURB!

What is MTN Do Not Disturb?

For all those who really don’t know what the MTN Do-Not-Disturb is all about. Know it that the service allows all customers to opt-out of receiving promotional messages for 3rd Party services. Such as MTN Bulk SMS, VAS (Value Added Services promos), so on and so forth.

Also know it that in this MTN DO NOT DISTURB, you can also Opt Out totally from receiving promotional messages via SMS and IVR. But customers can also partially unsubscribe from the promos or offers, by selecting their deserved categories. Please note the following things you can be able to do.

Activate partial blocking, Opt-out of DND, View Status, and Activate full blocking.

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How to activate MTN Do Not Disturb

Now we have known what the MTN DO NOT DISTURB, we will now be looking on how we can be able to activate this plan. It interests us to let you know that by activating MTN DND, you can easily STOP all those unnecessary ads, messages. Now, you can put a stop by sending the following.

1: Text STOP to 2442 for Full Opt-Out
2: In other to check Your MTN DO NOT DISTURB status, simply text STATUS to 2442
3: And please note that MTN DO NOT DISTURB  services are all free to customers

How to deactivate MTN Do Not Disturb

Many users will also want to enjoy the regular massages its really left for them. To activate MTN Do Not Disturb, text HELP to 2442, and the below options will be displayed.

1: To receive all SMS and IVR Messages: ALLOW
2: Banking/Insurance/Financial Products: 1
3: Real Estate: 2
4: Education: 3
5: Health: 4
6: Consumer goods and Automobile: 5
7: Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT: 6
8: Tourism and Leisure: 7
9: Sport and IVR: 8
10: Religion: 9
11: Christianity: 91
12: Islam: 92
13: Others: 93
14: Information on new products and services: 10
15: News Alerts: 11

Please bear it in mind that you can simply send any of the above code to 2442, and you will start receiving those particular messages. I hope you found this interesting, stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Have any questions? make it known to us via the comment box.

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