Have you taken your time to think of mtn 4g data plan and what you will surely get from it when you get your self and your sim card involved?. It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that MTN 4G LTE has really been what we all have been waiting for.

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MTN 4G Data Plan

MTN 4G Data Plan

Get to know the fact, when you make use of MTN 4G, You will have free access to HD video streaming, online gaming, video, and voice calls. You can even download with an incredible speed just within a blink of an eye. One of the sweetest experience is downloading your games at a fast rate.

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Considering the fact that when browsing, the internet seems to slow down, most times it will ruin your work and ever lock you out when handling a serious project. On this portal, we will be sharing with you all in the detailed information concerning mtn 4g data plan.

How to simply connect to MTN 4G LTE

One of the sure ways you can simply achieve this goal is by making use of USIM and as well as 4G enabled smart devices. Now, trying to get it connected, you will have to firstly text 4G to 131 to check if you have a USIM. Upon that action, you will get an SMS Shortly to know if you are eligible.

MTN 4G LTE Data Plans

Its also a pleasure we make it known to you all that when you make use of MTN 4G, you stand a better chance of enjoying an amazing data plans for your daily, weekly and monthly browsing without any form of stress. We will be sharing with you the detailed data you tend to enjoy.

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  • Get 100MB for N500 valid for 7 days
  • Get 150MB for N499 valid for 24 hours
  • Get 200MB for N1000 valid for 30 days
  • Get 10GB for N6000 valid for 30 days
  • Get 15GB for N10,000 valid for 30 days
  • Get When you subscribe N39,999, you will get unlimited data to browse for 30 days
  • Get 42GB for N66,499 valid for 12 months that is for a year

NOTE: You can get started by activating the MTN 4G LTE by dialing *444# to check and choose MTN 4G plan suitable for you.

Get free MTN 4G LTE Data Bonus

You should bear it at the back of your mind that that the mtn 4g sim is sild costly than the normal mtn sim cards. When you get this mtn 4g sim and activate it, it reportedly stays about 4-6 hours before it will start working.

In other to get started with the free data, simply dial *131*4#, to check your data balance then dial *559*62#. You will be gifted with the 5G that comes with the USIM. You can now enjoy and browse the internet for all you want.

Important Note: You can also make use of 2G and 3G data plans on the 4g sim.

Possible MTN 4G Data Plan Questions

Below are the respective questions you must users might likely ask. So it will be wise if we attend to them properly. We are hopeful it will be a great deal for them all. Kindly read down to know how it works.

What do I need to connect to 4G LTE?

When connecting to the MTN 4G LTE, all you really need to make use of is the USIM. With that, you stand a chance of enjoying all the plan comes with anywhere in Nigeria.

How do I know if I have a USIM?

Some persons might have the 4G sim and do not know that they have it. One of the ways you can find out if you have the sim card is by texting 4G to 131 on your mobile phone. Once that is down, you will get an SMS shortly showing all the details about your Sim.

Where can i get a 4G device?

Having head much about the MTN 4G  data plan, many will now be interested to give it a trial. Are you looking for where you can quickly get the 4G enabled Sim card? Kindly locate any nearest MTN office that is close to your area. Am pretty sure you will get the 4g Sim there.

Which Device best Suits MTN 4G Plan?

If you really want to make use of MTN 4G sim, you should make sure the device you are making use of supports band7 (2600MHz). Only then can it work perfectly to your own desire.

Do i need a special data plan for 4G?

The answer is NO. be rest assured that you do not need a special data plan for 4G. Note that MTN still offers 4G data plan that can also be used with 3G and 2G connection anytime, any day, and anywhere at all.


With the detailed article above, you should now come to a full understanding of how the MTN 4G Data Plan really works and how you can as well make proper use of it. You should give it a try considering the things and features you tend to enjoy therein.

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