MTN True Talk Plus Tariff Plan is the current gist of today, but before that, know it that MTN is really doing all they can to make sure they put a smile in the face of their respective users.

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that MTN has really established itself in the telecom world. Without wasting much time, we will be looking at the MTN tariff plan which simply allows you to enjoy a good time with family and friends at a very cheap call rate.

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MTN True Talk Plus Tariff Plan

MTN True Talk Plus Tariff Plan

In this MTN True Talk, you are been allowed to make your phone call for a very low cost of 11 Kobo per second as long as you are calling a number enrolled into its family and friends service package. In a simple and coordinated article which we will be telling you about is the comprehensive detail on how you can handle and make use of the MTN true talk.

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How MTN True Talk Plus works

This is not a big deal at all, it is a pleasure we make it known to you that with this MTN true talk plus you are been allowed to make your phone calls as a very low cost of 11 kobo per seconds especially when calling 11 selected phone numbers which are into family and friends plan.

Please it is important you know it that after you must have enrolled the 11 numbers into the family and friends package, You stand a chance to enjoy calls at a cheap rate also. But not that these numbers can either be MTN numbers or Non-MTN numbers.

To all those, it may concern, bear it in mind that the cheaper call rates also applied to non-family and friends numbers. On MTN true talk plus, but you can also make calls to MTN to MTN numbers for as low as 20 Kobo per second and make MTN to other network calls for as low as 26 Kobo per second.

having gone through the MTN true Talk plus tariff plan features we came to realize that the telecom company also made available a happy hour package, which simply allows you to make a cool call for free starting from 12:00 am to 4:00, but make sure you have up to 100 Naira in your true talk plus account balance.

On the other hand, if you don’t have up to at least 100 Naira in their true talk plus account, you will have to call for as much as 20 kobo per second. Once you have finished the call, you will receive a call notification which shows the duration and the call made.

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Benefits Of MTN True Talk Plus Tariff Plan

1: You will stand a chance to have 11 phone numbers registered on your family and friends list

2: Cheap call rate of 11k/s to all Networks once your numbers are been registered on family and friends.

3: On this Plan MTN true Talk plus, you will be able to call MTN to MTN numbers at a call rate of 20 Kobo per second and non-MTN numbers at 26 kobo per second.

4: Most importantly with 100 Naira on your true talk balance, the MTN true talk plus plan features happy hour services that allow you to call MTN to MTN numbers for free, starting from 12 am-4 am.

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How To Activate MTN True Talk Plus Tariff Plan

It is very simple to migrate. All you need to do is to simply Migrate to MTN true talk plus, by simply dialing *400# or send 400 to 131.

How To Add Numbers To Family & Friends

Many will be asking you how you can be able to add phone numbers to Numbers to the family and friends list, please have it at the back of your mind that it’s very simple. All you need t do is simply Simply Dial *560*1#

How To Delete contact From family & friends

To delete a phone number from the family and friends list, its very simple. To that, simply dial *560#*2*number#.

How To view Registered contact on Family & Friends

All you need to do is simply dial *560#

A mathematical view of Call Rate 

We will be looking at very simple mathematics to show and calculate the  call rate on this MTN True Talk Plus

In this section, I am going to be doing an analogy to illustrate the cost of each call rate.

On MTN to MTN calls = 20 Kobo per second.
20kobo x 60 minutes = 1200 kobo
1200 ÷ 100 = 12 Naira per minute
With this simple maths, it shows that a minute MTN to MTN calls will cost 12 Naira

On MTN to other network calls = 26 Kobo per second
26 kobo x 60 minutes= 1560 Kobo
1560÷100 = 15.6 Naira

With the above-solved maths above, the MTN to other network calls on the True Talk plus Tariff will cost you 15 Naira

Coming down to MTN Family and Friends
You make the call for 11 Kobo x 60 minutes = 660
660 ÷ 100 = 6.6 Naira
making calls on MTN True Talk Plus Tariff plan will cost you only 6 Naira.

MTN True Talk Plus other benefits

1: Good news to all users because you can send SMS on the True Talk Plus plan for just 4 Naira, which includes both MTN to MTN networks and MTN to other networks.

2: Don’t think you can’t leave if you want to. You can also decide to leave MTM true Talk Plus Plan by migrating to another Plan.

3: Please note it that all call rate on the MTN True Talk plus includes 20 Kobo per second for MTN to MTN calls, 26 Kobo per second for calls that involve MTN and other Networks respectively.


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