How To Send Pls Call Me Back on Airtel is what we will be talking about today. But before that, Know it that Airtel who has established themselves as the best data plan givers in Nigeria and Nationwide is really doing well in terms of giving out data bundle plans for their respective users.

It is quite unfortunate that some die-hard Airtel fans don’t even know how to send call me back SMS especially when they are out of airtime.

It is really not a big deal tho, the Airtel call me back SMS was made to help those that are short of airtime be able to communicate and also talk to anybody of their choice in as much as the person gets the SMS.

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How To Send Pls Call Me Back on Airtel

How To Send Pls Call Me Back on Airtel

It is believed that so many prefer using their respective bank accounts to recharge, well it is pretty well. But the big question here is what if your bank’s USSD wouldn’t work and are not eligible to borrow from your ISP? That’s where using the Airtel Call Me Back code comes in.

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that the Airtel Call Me Back code was first introduced into Nigeria by MTN, and since then, the telecom companies have all been on the run to make sure they also provide such services for their respective users.  Without wasting much time, we will be looking at how you can be able to send the Airtel to call me SMS below!

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How To Send Please Call Me Back on Airtel

Please bear it in mind that the Call Me Back service can only be used within the Airtel network only!

To send a call me back on Airtel simple Dial *140*Recipient’s Phone Number#

To send a Please Credit ME to call back SMS simple Dial *141*8*Recipient’s Phone Number#

With the mention codes, you can be able to send a call back on the Airtel network.

Important Notice: Please don’t take this opportunity for granted and most importantly, have it at the back of your mind that you are on permitted to send 5 calls me back SMSs in a day.

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