Airtel Data Subscription I really the talk of the town. Well if you ask me categorically, I will tell you that Airtel has really impressed in recent times. Not only that, but it is also a pleasure we make it known to you that Airtel Nigeria is currently the biggest telecommunication service provider and company in Nigeria.

Statistics show that Currently, over 40% of Nigerians surfing the internet are doing so, using the Airtel Data bundles Platform, Some will be surprised at how Airtel became this famous.

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Well, One of the biggest reasons why Airtel Nigeria is most popular among Nigerians is because of its affordable plans and fast internet connection for their Smartphones and other gadgets as well, unlike Other telecom companies.

This is also to inform you that One of the biggest reasons why this company stands out, is because the company provides different data bundle plans, activation codes, and subscription codes for the data plan. know it that before subscribing, You are advised to read this article properly, so that you will know which one you are to go for.

The Airtel data plans are been classified into Daily plans, weekly, Monthly, and Yearly data plans. Please take note of this exclusive Airtel Nigeria internet data bundle plans and subscription codes as well.

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Here Are The Airtel Bonuses You Need To Know

There is no need to worry because as long as bonuses are concerned, it is really meant for all Airtel subscribers. And this will enable them to enjoy up to 50% bonus, Please note that if you choose to subscribe to any of the data plans, you will stand a chance to claim 2GB free data when you buy a brand new Airtel modem from their authorized dealers.

I know some will be really happy with this. Well know it that in other to receive the 2GB when you buy a new Modem, you will have to visit any of the Airtel Nigeria centers or telecommunication stores and ask for a 4g modem which happens to be the fastest Modem in Nigeria.

See Airtel Data Plan For Airtel Data Subscription

160 Free MB

Plan NameData AllowanceSubscription FeeValidity DaysUSSD CODE
FREE SURF 160MB FREE30 *400#

Please bear in mind that we have heavy and light users as long as internet browsing is concerned. The above 160 MB Airtel Data Subscription is been provided for light users. However, you can choose to enjoy the convenience of pay as you go at a bundle rate.

Many people aren’t aware that the airtel FREE Surf offers a reduced browsing rate on usage and gives Airtel subscribers up to 160MB bonus data when you use up to 160MB. It is important you note that the browsing rate starts from 1kobo per KB. Billing starts from N1/MB and up to 20Kobo/MB.


WTF MONTHLY80MB20030*990#

This plan is really an amazing one indeed. To be honest with you, this plan wtf a monthly plan works best for those who are not always online. With this Airtel Data Subscription, you will enjoy the internet and also stay updated with your social media profiles.

*Data Allowance: 80 MB
*Subscription Fee: ₦200
*Validity: 30 Days( 1 Month)

How to Get Airtel 4GB for N1,500 & 6GB for N2,500

This is really a wonderful one indeed because, in this Airtel Data Subscription, you will obtain Airtel 4gb for N1500 (one thousand, five hundred Naira only) and the Airtel 6gig for N2500 (Two thousand, five hundred naira only). Please know it that this plan is advisable for light and heavy data plan users.

It is important we make it known to you readers that this particular Airtel Data Subscription does not have any direct code to dial.  You have no worries at all because the only way you can get the Airtel 4GB for N1,500 or 6GB for N2,500 is to get a new sim card. Welcome to Airtel’s package which offers you 5 times the value on every recharge to new, prepaid customers.

NOTE THIS: Please bear it in mind that the only eligible candidates for this Airtel Data Subscription are those with new Sim cards just as instructed. And also, the extra bonus given to you is only valid for 14 days (TWO WEEKS) so take note.

How To Activate Airtel 4GB for N1,500

This is how you can activate this plan. get a new sim card just as instructed and recharge the sum of 1,500 Naira using this code  *555*pin#. After that process, you will be credited with the sum of  N2,600 to call Airtel to Airtel + Free 1GB. Fear Not because your N1,500 will still be intact and untouched. Then go ahead to subscribe for the Airtel 3GB internet bundles plans by dialing *440*16#. It’s as simple as that.

How To Activate Airtel 6GB For N2,500

To activate this plan, you just have to Also get a new Simcard and recharge the sum of 2,500 Niara using the code *555*pin# and you’ll also receive the bonus attached (1GB + 500MB)+ free N3,900 to call Airtel to Airtel lines.

After that, you will then proceed to dial *437*1#, and 4.5GB will be given to you, therefore making it a sum total of  6GB.

Get To Know About Airtel Facebook Flex Bundles

Facebook is the number 1 social media network where people of different kinds relate together, with massive users of over 1 Billion users, which will still grow just with time.

The world is getting more civilized where you can easily pass a message via any of the social media networks, unlike ancient days where smoke signals are been used to pass a message.

Know it that with this new Facebook flex, You can now share, like, comment, chat and update Facebook for free with Free Mode, You can equally decide to switch to Data Mode if you really want to photos and videos.

You can switch it anytime at all either to free or data! It’s flexible and very easy to switch. You can do it right there with the Mobile phone or Laptop, PC you used in connecting to the internet.

Features of Facebook Flex

=> Chart on Facebook for free.
=> Chat with your friends for free,
=> No extra charges.
=> The Facebook flex-free mode works perfectly fine with0.00 balance, you’ll be able to share, like, etc.

Know About Facebook Flex Free Mode:

You will be able to do the following listed below with Free Mood.

=> You can Like any post at all
=> You Can Share photos and videos,

=> Chat with friends and family,
=> Comment on any post,

How to Use Facebook Flex

It is not a big task at all, all you need to do is just ensure that mobile data is turned on, open your browser and visit the portal at, or you can also choose to open your Facebook Android app and start using this brand new free OPTION to start accessing the internet.

Have Issues With Airtel Facebook Flex?

If you are having a problem with the Facebook flex, you don’t have to worry again. All you need to do is just go to your Facebook Menu or Bookmarks and click “Facebook Flex”.

How You Can Borrow Airtime from Airtel – Airtel Loan


If you have an eligible Simcard, Simply dial *500# on your line (MSISDN).

When you must have dialed the above number, you will be given options from which to choose the desired value of airtime which can be used for voice calls (on-net and off-net), SMS, and Data.

Below is the list of Airtel amount you can borrow from Airtel Nigeria.

• N50
• N100
• N200
• N500

Airtel Loan Number:

To make any transaction of your choice for any amount, simply Dial

•  Dial *500*50# for N50 airtime
• Dial *500*100# for N100 airtime
• Dial *500*200# for N200 airtime
• Dial *500*500# for N500 airtime

I just hope you found this post interesting, do well to share this post with friends and family. Stay with us Techbams as we keep you updated.

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