Airtel Family and Friends:  As you all know that Airtel has been one of the best network providers you can ever talk about after they showed their respective customers with lots of love and some interesting benefits. I really love airtel in terms of Browsing.

The network is fast, it is cheaper to obtain and it gives lots of bonuses to its users. We will be talking about Airtel Family and Friends, and how you can equally add numbers to the airtel program.

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Airtel Family and Friends

Airtel Family and Friends

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all with the Airtel Family and Friends tariff, customers are been allowed to make their respective calls to 5 special Airtel numbers.

This will really help those people who really wish and desire to talk to their family members, friends, love once any time, any day at all. Have it in mind that this will only work when you must have made a comprehensive list of 5 numbers you frequently call.

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Steps On How to Add Numbers On the Airtel Plan

Below are the respective steps on how you can simply activate and add numbers to the Airtel family and friends without much stress. Stay with me as I update you below.

1: Simply dial *311*2*phone add a number to the Airtel family & Friends list.

2: You will have to confirm the phone numbers you want to add when you are allowed and asked to do so.

3: Now simply repeat the process until you have finished adding all the numbers you want.

Here Are Cost of adding Phone Numbers

Talking about the cost of adding your desired phone numbers to Airtel’s family and friends, have it in mind that the process is said to be free, Hence you will not pay a dime. You will be allowed to add any number of your choice just for free of charge, all thanks to Airtel.

The only place you will be required a fee of 50 Naira is when you want to delete or modify any of the numbers after adding them to your list. This is a small fee you will have to pay.

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Here AreAirtel Family & Friends Call rates

It is also important we bring it to your notice that starting from 6 am to 9:59 pm,  you will be charged 25kobo per Second. While making calls from 10 pm to 5:59 am, you will be charged 21k per second.

Breaking it down,  Note that when you have an 800% Airtel Smart connect tariff bonus, you’ll have to pay 40k/sec for all calls you make to your FAF numbers. Just as simple as that.

Hope you found this post interesting, do well to ask us any question when you seem not to understand via the comment box. Do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share buttons. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.


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