I believe that you will be aware that the Android smartphone is been generally used by so many people in the world today. That is to show you how much and far technology has really impacted the world. With the help of an outsmart device, you can now connect with your family and friends.

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How to record on Android devices

How to record on Android devices

On this page, we will be sharing with you the simple tricks by which you know how to Record Calls on Android Devices. All you need to do is kindly read down this article in other to get the full list without stress. As long as technology is concerned, techbams.com got you covered.

You Record calls With Google Voice

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that you can make use of Google voice to record all your calls. This is simply because the google voice is been widely and generally accepted in the recording options. The only issue we have with this google platform is simply because it can not be used outside the United States of America(USA).

You can give it a try knowing too well that you are a citizen of the USA. It has all the ability to record all your calls on your android devices. Be rest assured that you will also be allowed to link in other to re-routing calls and messages. When it’s been carried out, it’s been done and dusted.

How to Set up Google Voice Record

1. Navigate your Google Voice account on web or the official app

2. Go to Settings

3. Locate the incoming call options and click on the bell.

4. Make sure you answer any call placed to your Google Voice number

5. Now click on the number four for instant recording.

6. You will get an alert informing you that the call has started recording.

7. Click on four or end the call to stop recording the call

8. It’s been done and dusted.

You can make use of a third-party app for recording.

It’s important we make it known to you all that you can get this done and dusted with some other trusted app on the Google Playstore. Below are some 3rd party applications you can run this voice recording with. Kindly read down to know more about the said app.

 Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro is no doubt one of the best recording App you can simply make use of. Be rest assured that this app is very good in recording app. Also, note that Automatic Call Recorder Pro is well constructed to serve the masses just for this singular act.

Before you make use of this app, know it that you will adjust the audio quality in other to make the recorded call automatically. You will see the  “shake to record” feature which allows users to start recording their calls by just shaking the device. Note that this will be stored in Dropbox and Google Drive respective.

Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder-ACR can be used to record your phone calls as well. have it at the back of your mind that the app comes with latter which cost for around $4 if you intend removing your ads. The app is just so simple and easy to make use of.

Note that the app will remove all your older records automatically unless you mark the record as important. Also note that with ACR, you will not be allowed to record WiFi or VoIP calls, meaning that cellular calls can also be recorded.

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