On this page, we will be sharing with you all on the respective tips on how To Fix Touch Screen That Is Malfunctioning without stress. It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that Touch screens are said to be amazing when they work.

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How To Fix Touch Screen That Is Malfunctioning

How To Fix Touch Screen That Is Malfunctioning

It is widely believed that once your device develops any issues, it tends to make you sad and uncomfortable making use of that gadget. That was why we came up with some interesting tips on how you can simply get this done without stress. Kindly read through the respective tips below.

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How To Fix A Touch Screen That Does Not Work

1. Please make sure you carefully clean-up with a lint-free cloth.
2. Kindly get our device restarted.
3. You will be required to take off the screen protector.
4. Clean up your hands and avoid wearing gloves.

Best Ways On How To fix Touch Screen That Is Not Working?


In as much as you are in the quest of making sure you fix those things, you must make sure you clean it up regularly because dirt happens to be one thing that destroys the system. Your goal is to make sure that you maintain the systems/gadgets.

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Simple tips to also try out!

=> Get a clean Hand Gloves or clean up your hands.

=> gently get the touch screen wiped with a lint-free cloth.

=> Please avoid using a sopping wet cloth.

=> You need to wring your cloth out before letting it come in contact with your touch screen.

=> If it still does not fix it, remove the screen protector or case.

=> Clean the screen after removing the screen protector if it got damaged.

=> Remove your gloves, because touch screens do not work well through gloves.

=> Ensure your fingers are clean and dry too because wet fingers can cause an unresponsive touch screen.

2. Kindly Remove the M-Card and  SIM Card

Have it at the back of your mind that you might also have some issues with the Memory card and Sim card as well. Below is how you can simply fic it.

=> For a start, you will have to turn off your phone and unplug it.

=> Remove your sim cards and memory cards.

=> Kindly reboot your device and test the operation of the touch screen.

=> If this works out, you should kindly replace the things you removed one at a time until you get to the root of the issue.

3. You can Also Try Adjusting iPhone Touch Screen Sensitivity Settings

Below are the detailed steps on how you can get if fixed without any form of stress. Make sure you follow them properly!

  • Simply navigate to Access Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch.
  • You are expected to make adjustments to the slider between light and firm.
  • Kindly disable 3D Touch if the screen is still faulty.

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