How To Block Zenith Bank ATM Card– it’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that a debit card is just a plastic material which is been used to withdraw money from the ATM. Some others call it credits cards because you can also buy something with it Via POS Method.

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How To Block Zenith Bank ATM Card

How To Block Zenith Bank ATM Card

We are in the dispensation where people no longer carry cash around which is popularly known as CASHLESS ECONOMY. Just with that your ATM card, you can stay right from the comfort of your homes and do your respective transactions without stress.

Now in that process, some might lose their ATM Cards while some others might be stolen just as the case may be. Do not worry or fear about your money. We will be sharing with you the detailed guide on how you can simply Block Your ATM Cards from your home even without going to the back.

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Block Zenith Bank ATM Card Using USSD

As a Zenith Bank Customer,  just simply Dial 966911# From the phone number you used to open the account. It will be blocked instantly. I hope you found this short article helpful, do well to share this post with family and friends. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.

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