On This Page, we will be sharing with you the simple ways on How to Apply for a Nigerian National Id Card while here in Nigeria. Have it at the back of your mind that All Nigerian citizens Are been expected to make sure they have this National ID Card because it is very important.

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How to Apply for Nigerian National Id Card

How to Apply for Nigerian National Id Card

National Identification Card happens to be a document that best describes who a person is. Also, it can be said to be any document that may be used to prove a person’s identity. Coming down to Nigeria, there are various forms of Identity Document.

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How to apply for a national ID Card in Nigeria?

Below are the simple steps which guide Applicants to freely apply for National Identity Card. The steps are as follows below.

1. All Applicants are expected to visit any NIMC enrollment Portal outlet nationwide with their valid documents.

2. Make sure you kindly complete and submit the enrollment form.

3. Please do well to submit the form to the enrollment officer and patiently wait for verification.

4. Please all applicants are expected to answer all questions which is been asked by the vetting officer and complete all necessary biometrics as well.

5. After that, simply wait for a little in other to print your enrollment slip which will contain your tracking code. After the above exercise, you are good to go.

National ID Requirements In Nigeria

Below is the respective requirement you will need in other to apply for the National Identity Card in Nigeria. The requirements are as follows below.

Before we commence, be rest assured that all applicants are been grouped into two: Minors (0 – 15-year-olds) and adults (from 16 and above) respectively.

Here are Basic Requirements for adults (From 16 and above)

Make sure you go to the applying Portal With the following requirement below.

  • Certificate of Origin
  • NHIS ID card
  • Government staff ID card
  • Attestation letter from religious/traditional leader
  • Tax Clearance certificate
  • Valid immigration documents
  • Registered/recognized private organization staff ID card
  • School ID Card (private/public)
  • Attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community
  • Birth certificate
  • Declaration of age
  • Old National ID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s card (Temporary or Permanent)
  • Nigerian International passport

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Here Are Basic Requirements for minors (From 0 – 15-year-olds)

Below are the requirement for minors starting from 0-15 years of age, Make sure you go to the Portal with the Under-listed Documents.

  • Nigerian passport
  • Attestation letter from religious/traditional leader
  • School ID Card private/Public
  • NHIS ID card
  • Attestation letter from a prominent ruler in the community


=> Applicants under the age of 0-15, will have to go there with their parents/guardians.

=> Applicants will also have to provide their NIN of their Parents/guardians

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