I really understand the stress most of us go through in the rush to check out what we really have in our bank account respectively in other to know how we can spend. I really understand the stress most of us go through, standing in the queue for several minutes just to access your account!

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Code check fcmb account balance

Before you can get this done, have it at the back of your mind that you will have to register for USSD Banking by simply dialing *329# and carefully follow the instructions you find on your screen. Be informed that before you can dial that number, you must make sure that the number is linked to your account.

Stay calm, in a short and comprehensive article, we will be lecturing you on how you can simply check your FCMB account balance without any form of stress. And note that you can simply do this right from the comfort of your home. Read through to know how it works.

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How to check FCMB account balance with Your Mobile phone

In other to check your fcmb account balance, you will have to dial *329*00#. Make sure the number is been linked to your fcmb account.

There and then, you will be asked to enter the last 4 digits on your MasterCard or your USSD banking PIN to confirm your transaction.

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all after you must have completed the above steps, a text message notifying you of how much you have in your account will be shown to you.

How Much does FCMB Charge?

having said a few things about the bank, it interests us to inform you all that the bank charges a fee just for that exercise. Have it in mind that accessing your fcmb account balance will simply attract a fee of 20 nairas only. This is very simple to get your hands on it.

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Checking Account Balance using the ATM Machine

This method is said to be mostly used by so many people who have a little understanding concerning it. All you just need to do is simply walk down to any nearest ATM Machine, slot in your Card, go put in your pin, go to inquiries, then click on the Account balance.

After you must have seen your balance, you can simply print out your statement from the ATM, by simply responding to allow ‘Print. Do well to collect your ATM Card once you are done.

All about FCMB account balance code

1: It works on any device at all be it Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Java.

2: You can make use of it any time of the day, also 7 days a week — including weekends and public holidays.

3: FCMB USSD banking requires no internet connection.

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