Over time, the design and features of social media have developed a lot since they appeared on the internet a while ago. Think about the way Facebook has been changing in the years. Today, every business has a Facebook page to gain more visibility, no matter the business size. Even the world’s largest brands have one or more Facebook pages and it seems that it works pretty well for any company or startup.

Facebook – A Big Search Engine

Just to mention a couple of numbers, Facebook’s stats reveal that over 65 million businesses created a business page by the end of 2016. It’s a very impressive datum, no doubt. Also, Facebook provides its users one of the biggest search engines of all time. Try it yourself: type a business or any word that you want on Facebook’s search bar and you’ll get a ton of results for that word or business. This way you can easily find companies around you or online sites that have a Facebook page.

Let’s say that you want to look for a college for your kids: look at Facebook’s search results, visit the page of each college that you find, see their photos, videos, read the information page, there’s nothing easier to compare different colleges! Or do you need a new casino where you can find exclusive roulette games? Look for it on Facebook, just type something like play online roulette and start visiting the casino’s business pages that appear in the search results. Compare different bonuses, promotions, game titles, or get in touch for live customer assistance.

How You Can Make A Great Facebook Page

If you want to start competing with any other business in your niche, Facebook is the best place where you can start your challenge for visibility among potential customers. Consider that everyone who has a Facebook profile is a potential customer for your business.

If you begin to see things from this perspective, you’ll easily understand that creating an eye-catching effective Facebook business page is fundamental for reaching your goals. We’ve gathered a bunch of important tips to help you create a great page that gets likes for you:

  1. Setting up
    As you start a new Facebook page, you have to set everything up. It’s probably less simple than you may think because your goal here is to set it up in a way that you can get many likes. First of all, use Facebook Business Manager, which is a sort of Facebook marketer with control commands for you. By using this tool, you’ll be always in control of what happens on your business page, like how many views you get, how many likes, how many new visitors, followers, and more.
    Also, several sections allow you to “talk” about your business, so the people who visit your page know more about you. These sections are called “Business Info”, “About”, “Company Overview”, “Story”, “Contact Info”, “Products”, “Store”, “Settings”, “Cover Video”, “Page Roles”.
    We recommend you fill in each section not only because your visitors will find plenty of information about your business, but also because it will look complete and well-kept, which makes always a positive impact on people.
  2. Content strategy
    While keeping an eye wide open on the Insights feature of your Facebook business page, remember to establish a content strategy. Keep in mind that Facebook is a content-based social media, so the quality of your content has a big importance. The one way to break through the algorithm of Facebook is to create highly attractive and engaging content. Also, keep in mind that you can use the Sponsored Posts feature to gain extra visibility. This function posts automatically your content on users who haven’t still liked your page. As you can see, it’s a great opportunity to have more people who didn’t know your business get closer to it.
  3. Calls-to-action buttons
    Recently, Facebook has implemented its business pages with the Shop Now button and a few more calls-to-action buttons. For businesses in the commercial field, there’s nothing more effective to simulate people to purchase online when they scroll through their feed. If you want to get the Shop Now button, you have to advertise on Facebook.
  4. Create live events
    People want to see what you are doing at this moment. So, create live events that are related to your products or business important moments. For example, if you sell hand-crafted soaps, you may create a live video with your staff making soaps in real-time. Or, if you sell books, you may organize a live reading event of a book that you want to sponsor.

The steps to create a community around your business are pretty simple, you just have to be consistent and determined through time to build a strongly established Facebook business page.


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