How To Reset Windows 10 Password is the talk of today. We will be lecturing you on how you can be able to reset your Windows 10 accounts password especially for those that forgot theirs. It has been noted that some personalities seem to forget their windows 10 account password well reasons best known to them.

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How To Reset Windows 10 Password

How To Reset Windows 10 Password

That is the main reason we are putting up this article which will really be of help especially when you are in such a situation. All you will do is to kindly go down through this article in other not to make any mistake.

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You Can Reset Your Windows 10 Password Directly Online

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that you can equally get back your operating system in other directly from the internet. All you are been expected to do is simply use the mobile phone and click on this URL: https: //

It is also important to let you know that after you must have clicked the link, From this page, just select the “I forgot my password” option and click “Next”.

On the next page, You will have to enter the ID of the Microsoft account you want to recover and click “Next”. Then you will also enter the alternate email address or a phone number which is been connected to your Microsoft account. Then click on  “Submit Code”.

You will receive a security code that you will enter and then click “Next”. Once you have verified your identity, you will be asked to enter the new password for your Microsoft account.

Good news, After restoring the Microsoft account password, you can now freely log in to the computer with Windows 10 again without any form of stress.

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You Can Also Reset Your Windows 10 Password Offline

Some persons will also like to do it manually. Well, that is not a problem at all you know? I will advise you to make use of specific software. In this case, we will be looking at PCUnlocker, which can be booted directly via ISO file when the computer is started.

Having known about this amazing software, It was noted that the strength of the software is its simplicity and most reliability, thereby making it very easy for everybody to use.

Know it that resetting the Windows 10 password is just all about few steps with PCUnlocker: download and decompress the ISO in question (which is naturally from a PC other than the locked one).

In other words,  for you to be able to create a bootable CD or USB, you will have to simply download and install free software such as “ISO2Disc”. Then Start this app (or another one that performs the same functions) and burn the PCUnlocker ISO file on the CD or USB flash drive.

In this aspect, you will make use of the CD / USB to start the PC with Windows 10 where you want to reset the forgotten password. Please note that when you start the PCUnlocker screen, Just select a local user and click the “Reset Password” button.

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You Can Reset And Change Your Password

Please it is very important we make it known to you that If your selected local account is linked to a Microsoft account, Bear it in mind that you will be prompted to reconvert the Microsoft account with the local account to set a new password. Just Click OK It is done.

Now you can simply restart your personal computer and unplugging the CD / USB with PCU.


With the above information, you know how you can be able to recover your password via your windows 10 account. If you have any questions regarding this article How To Reset Windows 10 Password? make it known to us via the comment box. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.

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