Indifferent of the size and scope of your organization, one thing is for sure: physical access to the server room needs to be carefully, properly, and permanently monitored and controlled. Since the server room is one of the most critical physical places in your organization, you will need to invest as much as possible in its security. While the liquid cooling systems you will invest in will also play an essential role in the well-being of the servers, you will need additional solutions to ensure better control over your server room.

Where Is Your Server Room Located?

  • Depending on the size of the organization, the server room can be someone’s office, an exclusive space that solely plays the role of the room hosting all the servers, or a room with multiple functions. Because of space constraints, servers will also often times share space with storage or workspaces.
  • In fact, around twenty-one percent of organization share their server room with general storage facilities, while close to 30 percent have server rooms that also double as an employee’s office.
  • There are also a few organizations that have located their server rooms out in the open, while thirty five percent have dedicated a sever room to this single purpose.
  • As for the location of patch panels, cables, routers, and switches, we can mention the fact that some businesses choose to store then in the server rooms, while others opt for a separate room that is properly secured. There are also organizations that store their patch panels in separate rooms that are not further secured, which automatically attracts potential burglars.

How To Protect The Server Rooms Accurately

You can effectively restrict access to the server room using a variety of methods and tools. You can rely on doors locks or sophisticated keycard systems, if temergency locksmith service unlocks all types of lockshey fall within your budget.

  • Locks are by far the most accessible tools you could out in place without too much hassle. Talk to a professional locksmith that handles commercial services, or opt for a nearby emergency locksmith service if you find yourself in a pickle with your locks or keys, especially those keeping your server room safe. Since keyed locks are the most common means of restricting access, you will need to be careful concerning the type of keys that are going to be used. Depending on the type of building you are located in, you may be using no-duplicable keys, or duplicable ones if your building has on-site maintenance staff.
  • If the server room relies on keys that can be copied, consider periodically changing the lock and key so you can fight against unauthorized duplications.
  • Opt for keyless locks or electronic code entrances that require an input code to gain access via doorways. If the code remains the same for long periods of time, the main risk is for the entire facility to eventually know the code. A professional locksmith should help you change the access code on a regular basis.

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