Are you sure that you are a super expert mobile user? Of course, you are tempted to answer “yes, I am”. We guess you are one of the millions of people who use their Smartphones every day to communicate with people, get the latest news, make phone calls, text a message, and do a lot of other actions.

A Lot Of Online Activities All Through Your Smartphone

Today’s mobile phones look like small computers that can do almost everything. You can visit online sites, share comments, post pictures on your social account, open a new social profile, send an online payment, and withdraw your winning from a casino online… there’s so much that you can do with your Smartphone and that’s why you don’t want to live without it!

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Apps That Make Your Smartphone Do Incredible Things

There are more than 2 million mobile apps. It’s a very high number, we know. And the best part of the story is that some of these apps can make your Smartphone do things that you don’t even dare to suspect it can do. Don’t you believe it? Just try these apps:

  1. 1. Instant Heart Rate
    Ever heard of this app for Smartphones? Well, this is what your mobile can do if you download and install this app. Instant Heart Rate uses your phone’s camera to read your heartbeat through your pulse. Place your index finger on the camera to have the app measure your heart rate automatically. This app turns out to be useful for users who practice sports or occasionally go running or jogging.
  2. Metal DetectorSmartphone
    This is a very interesting function that your Smartphone can do and we are ready to bet that you didn’t know it. Look for this app and install it on your Smartphone. This app taps into the magnetometer of your Smartphone (it’s a built-in component) and detects metal objects. Now that you know about this app, you may want to try it and go to the beach to see if you can find any metal items hidden in the sand.
  3. Viper Smart Start
    Would you like to have a magic wand to help you get your car cooled down in the summer and warmed up in the winter? If your answer is yes, Viper Smart Start is the perfect app for you. Through this app, you can control your car in remote mode and turn on its cooling/warming system. But this app can do more, you can start your car, unlock the doors, and open the trunk. And the premium version of the app allows you to do extra actions.
  4. Seek Thermal
    Thanks to this app, your Smartphone can turn into a completely new tool that allows you to see in the dark. You’ll be able to get a thermal vision. The app needs a phone camera attachment and comes with a full array of functions.
  5. Remote control apps
    What about answering a phone call while you are cooking? You can’t touch your Smartphone with dirty hands or you can’t stop mixing, cutting, and chopping the food. So, look on the web for a remote control app (there are Android and iOS versions). These apps allow you to answer a phone call without touching your phone, just waving your hand remotely. You can also launch music and videos in the same way. That’s a very useful app for everyone.
  6. Text message apps
    There are also great apps to send messages from your PC as though you were using your Smartphone. If you have a dead phone battery, you can use the app to check your phone through your computer. These apps connect both of your devices, so you can also manage your messages from your email account.

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