Technology has really improved the whole world in some positive aspects. Before now, the world makes use of local storages to store their respective files. But ever since the invention of the internet, the technology industry has fastly moved away from the local storage to a more enhanced era such as remote, server-based storage and processing ( Cloud Storage).

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It interests us to let you know that having all your files accessible on the go is so much amazing! But getting this extra file storage has been a difficult task for web hosting providers. Be rest assured that so many hosting companies promise unmetered storage space in as much as it is not used to store files but for actual hosting.

Good news to you all, extra file storage is always useful and that is the main reason why we will be reviewing the top 5 best Cloud Management services you can simply make use of.  They will help you store your data and keep them safe for you for as long as you so desire.

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Best 5 Cloud Storage Management Services

On this page, we will be sharing with you all on some amazing Cloud Storage Services you can simply make use to store you hear files such as Movies, Music, Images and lots more. They are as follows below.

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One of the best cloud storage manager where you can freely store your huge files is the MultCloud. It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that MultCloud was founded in 2013 by AOMEI Technology. Their goal is to make sure your data and other vital information are been stored with the help of their Cloud Management.

MultCloud simply makes everything more accessible for you. One thing that interests me is that MultCloud makes transferring files a very simple and stressless process through the use of copy/paste or by synching between two cloud-based servers. The best cloud storage “MultCloud” will do all they can to complete any data-to-data transmission for you even when you are not online.

Users can also schedule data transfers whenever you so desire, that is to say, that users are not expected to manually start up the process. All you need to do is simply schedule it to start migration or to update sync with other cloud services after a particular period of time.

One of the reasons why Multcloud is been trusted across the globe is its ability to rub shoulders with some biggest names in cloud services which include Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive respectively. Users can get the paid packages at  $9.90 (£7.80) a month (which includes an annual payment discount).  Note that they also offer a free plan that allows users to enjoy up to 50GB of allowance for transfers of data.

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It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that CloudFuze is another good Storage Service you can simply make use of.  Note that you can browse directly from the main dashboard through all of your documents; sorting by the provider, file type, or personally-determined custom categories respectively.

CloudFuze also boosts file transferring too with the option to customize read/write access, set passwords, add link expiry dates as well. Note that they also determine a maximum number of downloads for each file – Do not forget to forget the CloudFuze Workspaces, which allow users to enjoy multiple team members to upload, download and synchronize file changes.

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In CloudFuze, users are been allowed to enjoy just one subscription which costs $4.99 per month, and it also includes support for ten Cloud storage management services. Some of these services are Dropbox, Egnyte and Box, and eight content management services which also features an amazing Sharepoint and Document as well.

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Have it at the back of your mind that was specially designed along the same lines as cloudHQ. Their main goal is also to synchronizing files between two accounts, in order to merge both sets of files into one single service. has the ability to store your files and keep it safe for as long as you so desire. Although it’s less useful because the user may not be able to have the tool to navigate or browsing through multiple accounts’ worth of data. comes with lots of interesting features such as Mover Vault (based on providing paid subscribers with unlimited personal Cloud storage space).

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Another interesting feature and the option to schedule processes at your own time. Have it at the back of your mind that is also able to save snapshots, and upload files in .zip format.

Users can now purchase a one-off file transfer for $20, and at the same time allowing users to move up to 20GB of files between different providers. If space is not enough, you can also add more space for just $1 /GB.

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AWS Storage

AWS Storage

AWS Storage

AWS Storage is a well-trusted cloud storage platform where users have the ability to access all their files which include Music, Photos and many other heavy files. Have it at the back of your mind that AWS Storage offers a range of different cloud storage management options depending on file or data type and use, in order to provide a more efficient service.

It interests us to let you know that these options range from persistent storage where you enjoy a whole lot of high availability, local storage for deep archiving, databases, cloud migration storage, And you can backup storage for disaster recovery.

In AWS Storage platforms, there is a comprehensive range of cloud service which is available when it comes to storing huge files. They are also generally aimed at larger business needs.

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Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Management Services

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Management Services

Jolicloud offers one of the best cloud storage services you can ever think of. Be rest assured that Jolicloud is an excellent user-friendly Cloud storage manager. Note that it has a media streaming and an easy-to-use backup consolidation feature.

This platform has all it takes to make sure they secure the data of their users for as long as they desire.  Now, paid subscribers are been allowed to transfer as many files between as many providers as they like. On the other hand, we know that free users will not be allowed to move documents between different services.

Jolicloud has established itself as one of the leading storage services you can make use of. Due to the credibility they have, millions of users have subscribed to their service. Users can now store file sizes at 50MB and only allowing users to access a restricted range of services. Their Pro account is available for a very reasonable 5 Euros (around $5.60) per month, Hence give it a trial.

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The above Cloud Storage services are all you can make use of.  Be free to choose any of your choice above in as much as you so desire. You got no worries because all your files are in safe hands.

Do you have any questions regarding this post? do well to ask us using the comment session below. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Go for the best @ MultCloud.





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