Whenever you hear of Rapididentity What comes to your mind first? Well, you can answer this, inwardly. Have you ever wondered how large organizations have been able to tackle security? Or handle other exhausting yet valuable details effectively? Well, I am about to let you in on one of the software that helps these organizations function effectively. Follow me!

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One such is called Rapididentity.

Using contextual meaning, you might want to divide this word into two, “rapid” and “identity” to find the meaning. I wouldn’t say the meaning you came across could be far-fetched from professional definitions of RapidIdentity, but let’s also look at other professional definitions.

The Meaning of Rapididentity, How it Works, and Other Facts About Rapididentity You Should Know.

Here, I have explained in detail what Rapid identity is, with more than two definitions. I also included how organizations make use of it and also, some other important basics you should know.

Meaning of Rapididentity.

Rapididentity is software that deals with identity management. It helps organizations to approve security, boost business agility, and ensure an enhanced user experience is delivered.

Or, you could think of Rapididentity as

Rapididentity is both an identity and access management software that has the following features, multi-factor authentication, password, and automated lifecycle management.

The outcome is its provision of role-based access to contractors, employees, partners as well as vendors.

Rapididentity software restricts scamp admin account creation and signals users to remove idle accounts. Most especially of those no longer working with an organization. It could be either on the cloud or on-premise that the solution can be deployed.

How Does Rapididentity Work?

We have already established the fact that Rapididentity is an Identity management software.

How it works is that it helps K-12 educational institutes create user groups, manage provision, as well as configure roles and more on a central platform, administrators set up single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) so students can have access to on-premise and cloud-based applications.

Rapididentity helps the members of staff to verify remote users’ identities and to ensure secure data VPNs, SSH, remote desktops, virtual desktop infrastructure, and portals.

It enables two-way data sharing. It allows administrators to establish two-way data sharing between certain applications, enabling the pulling and sharing of user and account data by users. In compliance with regulatory bodies, Rapididentity allows administrators to manage authentication protocols. Bodies such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, CJIS, and EPCS.

How about integration? With Rapididentity API, organizations are allowed to integrate several third-party solutions with its platform. Within its unified platform, staff members can manage SOD policies, maintain audit logs, detect orphaned accounts, access emergency privileges, and more.

Periodically, access certification is issued by Rapididentity. This allows users to stay compliant with regulatory issues, and ad-hoc certification campaigns per a user’s needs are executed by the system.

Its multi-factor authentication module comes with layers of protection across entry points including offline desktops, active directories, employee and customer portals, on-premise applications, and remote access. Authentication methods supported by the solution include fingerprint biometrics, Bluetooth authentication, QR codes, one-time passwords, and smart cards.

Rapididentity Other Names

There are other names that Rapididentity is known by. These names include Rapid ID, the Portal, and Single Sign-on.

Here are amber of the district applications students and parents can get access to by signing into Rapididentity.

Bus Tracker
Google Classroom
Carnegie Learning
Khan Academy
Google Drive
parent is
student is
Reading Plus
Rapididentity Pricing
The following are pricing plans on Rapididentity.
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available ( Credit Card Not required.)
Other Information About Rapididentity

These are other valued information about Rapididentity.

  • Customers
  • Large Enterprise
  • Mid Size Business
  • Small Business
  • Language
  • English
  • Devices
  • List of devices supported by Rapid ID
  • Android
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Support Options

The following support options are offered by Rapididentity.

24/7 (Live rep)
Knowledge Base
Phone Support
Rapid ID Identity and Access Management(IAM)
On this platform, learning institutions are provided with increased flexibility, greater security, access management, and lower costs of identity.

This platform helps you transform identity and access management across users. These include teachers, students, and staff. With RapidIdentity, you can change identity and access management across all users—including students, teachers, and staff. It also enhances and simplifies the learning process by providing the right people, the honest reports across the globe as long as needed.

Identity Lifecycle Management

This empowers all users with a lifecycle. With Rapididentity lifecycle management, releasing your school’s potential enables a safe and seamless digital experience for each of your staff, partners, vendors, and students.

This lifecycle automates every user’s full identity and also empowers them to manage their accounts and passwords following their policy. While this closes the security gaps in identity and access controls, it encourages everyone to do their best work in a safe, user-friendly, and secure environment.

Students Safety

The increase in digital learning also comes with risks. That’s why safeguarding your students and educators from malicious actors becomes necessary. Rapididentity Lifecycle safeguards students’ data and mitigates a data breach risk by actively managing each application and service carrying sensitive data.


Technology has made work easier, it has taken the place of manual labor. For example, we have a single platform carrying out lots of activities within its space and also making the work faster and quicker.

For instance, with Rapididentity you could free your IT Department from repeating the same process manually, automating account creation, changes, and election at scale, always keeping Active Directory and downstream systems accurate and up-to-date. What Rapididentity Lifecycle does is to close security gaps with computerized de-provisioning and streamlined identity management for its users with multiple affiliations.

Another thing is, ensuring day-one access to a Dynamic Ecosystem, you can provide your full educational ecosystem which includes students, parents, students, staff, contractors, vendors, applicants, and many more with the right resources from day one.

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