BambooHR-I remembers a few years back when everything was done manually and now I wonder how people feel having to adjust to the use of software for the same purposes. BambooHR is one of these many apps out there to help handle cases related to human resource information and more.

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We will be looking at what is BambooHR, its Pros, and Cons, Pricing and Plans, and Benefits. Be rest assured that
we have provided excellent information about BambooHR that gives all the juicy details about this software. Take your time and read through this article.

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What is BambooHR All About?

BambooHR is a system that handles human resources information (HRIS). BambooHR hosts a great deal of HR features, these features include time tracking, an applicant tracking system (ATS), payroll processing, employee satisfaction tools, and employee engagement in a single system.

Aside from onboarding capabilities and recruiting, other features included on BambooHR are time-off tracking, compensation, employee management processes, and time-off tracking.

This software Is cloud-based and good for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This software allows recruitment teams, managers, and general managers to fix all their employee’s information in one place.

Its Pros and Cons
The Former
The mobile app
It’s Centre employee database
Its Offboarding features
The latter
Forbes Advisor
LinkedIn Integration

For all your HR needs, BambooHR is a place to stop by. Its solution allows for the management of every aspect of an employee’s life cycle starting from hiring, onboarding, and payroll to the benefits of offloading.

This software is user-friendly with lots of in-built templates, providing well-organized and visually appealing workflows.

When it comes to employees parting ways, the departure is secured. This feat is achieved by using this software to find common grounds for employee departure.

Through respectful and civil automating information safety restraints, designating property packet tasks, and ensuring compliance with clear checklists, metrics such as employee length of employment, performance, the reason why departing and more are used to find out the above-stated reason.

Plans and Pricing

On the BambooHR website, it indicates that prices are based on a company’s number of employees, and markdowns are allotted to companies as employees’ tally grows. So pricing policies are not communicated publicly.

Additionally, there is an Advantage parcel that comprises characteristics such as hiring and onboarding, an ATS, advanced custom reporting, audit ways to track data and coaching systems, and electronic signatures.

The Open API on BambooHR allows tracking and sharing of data to diverse systems, on its Marketplace there is an integration with third-party apps, and an Employer Net Promoter Score tracks employee satisfaction. From Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and there is phone support added by the Advantage plan.

Apart from the two plans mentioned above, BambooHR has a variety of add-ons, performance, payroll, and time tracking classified into three categories.

Performance Management add-on comprises peer feedback, goals, company performance reports, and employee performance reports. There are no prices included on any of the add-ons.

The payroll add-on has features like comprehensive payroll, full-service tax filing, accounting, end-of-year forms, and data security.

For Time Tracking its add-on includes employee timesheets, daily time entry, reports for payroll, and automatic overtime calculations.

Benefits of BambooHR

There is a mobile app on BambooHR that permits employees and managers to get access to most of the vital HR management features directly from their mobile devices.

The app can be downloaded to phones by employees to ask for time off, contact information, call when sick, look for co-workers, ask for coverage from colleagues, record performance milestones, and keep in touch with the teams that are progressing.

On the other hand, managers can agree to time-off requests, verify who is working from the office or not, get access to the employee directory, and more from the mobile app. The free mobile app is accessible to Android and Apple users. This mobile selection comes with a considerable advantage in this modern era where most people around the globe work from home.

There are many other features that the BambooHR software suite comes with, these help with employee’s life cycle that other recruitment software companies do not have. Take, for instance, onboarding is a common feature with recruitment software programs, but offboarding is not. Quite interestingly, the offboarding feature makes the offboarding process easier by helping companies gain valuable insights about an outgoing employee.

There is a payroll feature on BambooHR and it’s not popular with other recruitment software. Its payroll software takes care of hours, wages, benefits, account numbers withholdings automatically, and deductions. Its help is available with federal and state tax filing. Not even Freshteam or Bullhorn can boast of a payroll feature on their software.

While excelling in HR tools, BambooHR’s basic plan lacks ATS, onboarding, third-party integration coaching tracking, any hiring, or custom emails customary in all recruiting software.

BambooHR’s main plan is just for HR management. To get access to the ATS that shows up as a piece of the basic plan for the broad majority of recruitment software systems, businesses would have to promote the Advantage Plan. Freshteam’s free plan shows up with three employment postings, a basic career site, and a recruitment team inbox.

Can You Choose BambooHR for You or Your Business?

For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) whose HR sections have outgrown modest spreadsheets and paper ledgers, general managers, recruiting teams, and HR managers searching for simple use, and all-in-one HR software suit will be satisfied with BambooHR.

HR managers, recruiting teams, and general managers looking for a simple-to-use and all-in-one HR software suite will be fulfilled with Bamboo HR. Careful alternatives might be accessible, nevertheless, it is complicated to ascertain because of BambooHR’s deprivation of clarity with pricing.


Every information about BambooHR that we have provided for you under this post is reliable. You can trust BambooHR for both your small and medium-sized businesses. (SMBs) BambooHR software has payroll services added to its numerous benefits. You can trust it even when you are recruiting or employees are parting ways. Its onboarding and offboarding features are second to none.

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