We will be sharing with you some of the top best text messaging apps you can simply make use of to connect with your loved ones and well-wishers all over the world. Technology has really improved our daily lives by allowing connect with one another from every part of the world.

The last time I checked, I came to find out that more people are mainly texting now than calling because it seems that is the best and sure way you can communicate with one another. This text messaging app for Android will really keep you in touch anytime and anywhere.

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Text Messaging Apps For Android

Text Messaging Apps For Android

In a short and comprehensive article, we will be highlighting some best text messaging apps for Android, all you need to do now is to kindly read through this article in other to choose the one that will really suit you.  Do well to choose wisely to avoid regret.

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Best Text Messaging Apps For Android Smartphones

In a comprehensive article, we will be sharing with you some best text messaging android app for smartphones which will really be helpful to you all. Kindly read through it to know how it works.

Android Messages

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that Android Messages is just Google’s official SMS app which comes with lots of interesting features for the average user without much stress.

Having looked at it, I came to find out that this messaging app went on to supports Google’s RCS features, which also allows for iMessage in as much as the carrier supports it.

You have no worries at all, The Android app is highly rated and it has all it takes to make its respective users happy. Do well to know that simple text messenger works perfectly well and also supports RCS, and do MMS right. In all, the Android Messages got you covered.


Another interesting messaging app on my list is “Textra” which is said to be one of the best Android messaging apps you can simply make use of irrespective of where you are at the moment. Furthermore, it happens to be an easy and simple-looking SMS app that comes with lots of features which makes it more interesting for users.

Have it at the back of your mind that Textra also offers a slew of customization options with various theme notifications, theme colors, and per-contact settings. One thing I really like about this app is simply that it will also make your messaging look like iMessage if you want.

Pulse SMS

Pulse is an Android messaging application, which comes with lots of interesting features suitable for use. Although we are meant to understand that this Pulse app is not the first application on Android to bill itself rather it is an alternative to iMessage which is been developed for Android.

In as much as messaging app is concerned, Pulse is actually a good fit and also a good SMS application, you can make use of to send and receive your respective messages anytime and anywhere. Be rest assured that Pulse is a cool and most wanted application.

Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is another good Android messaging application you can make use of anytime and anywhere at all. Have it at the back of your mind that the app is a well-trusted app that you can really on. It is highly rated and most wanted by all who know about it.

This will really be of great help to you all.  It has lots of features that look like a WhatsApp alternative. You will enjoy a great dedicated theme and interesting UI which is also coupled with excellent developer support. This app is mainly for free use, meaning you will not pay a dime.


The last on my list is “Textto”  which is another amazing app you can also make use of.   You can install the app from any of the well-trusted sources. Textto simply allows you to type messages to your friends from any device with a web browser, regardless of where you are and the moment.

Be rest assured that you will not have to switch your messaging apps just like “Pulse SMS”. On the other hand, the Pushbullet has its own respective web client, and it simply limits your ability to send messages without paying to 100 messages per month.  Know it that Textto a free place for all who really wish to take part.


Having carefully brought down the top Best Text Messaging Apps For Android Smartphones, it is now left for you to make your choice by choosing the one that best suits you.

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