In case you are not wary of the biggest entrepreneurs these days, then let us give you updates. One of them planned on colonizing Mars, the other flew off to Space on his sweatshop workers’ money.

Another chose to bring out a new model of a mobile which is claimed to be so durable that it can withstand everything (just make the charging cables similar, too!).

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Tech Giants Just Keep Growing

Tech Giants Just Keep Growing

What we are trying to say is that – Tech Giants are growing at an unprecedented rate and people keep wondering why. We understand that the global coronavirus situation has given little impetus to these giants such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, etc. But what is more shocking is to see the market analysis and figure out the reason why they are actually growing so much. 

There was probably no way that any of the entrepreneurs had thought about the leverage or ‘teeth’ in their business, even till mid-2019. However, this is where the covid-19 pandemic aided them. The curves of digital adoption show no signs of slowing or flattening, and it is monumental to see the mixed market value of all these companies reach more than 5 to 10 trillion. This accounts for almost two times the sellout proportions as compared to the last five years!

We can account for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and/or any e-commerce website, but do you know that the betting and gambling industry has also gained a major boost? , one of the leading online betting websites, has seen a considerable amount of propulsion that it had not seen in the past couple of years. What is more bizarre is that the numbers did not show any signs of slowing or dwindling down despite the recession that the world has plunged into.

Betway has reported time and again of a growing number of clients and (surprisingly) a rising amount when it comes to initial deposits. This can also be equated with the tremendous and unchecked growth that comes to tech giants due to the coronavirus pandemic. Mind you, when we are talking about “tech giants”, the word acts as an umbrella term for a large number of industries that make use of technology to run their day. This implies that not only Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft, but also enterprises such as Netflix as well as betting sites like Betway also fall under their ambit. 

Market experts fear that this unexpected and unchecked growth of industrialists and capitalists might lead to a huge economic growth gap. It might not be so prominent in first-world regions such as Northern American countries and European countries but they would absolutely wreak havoc in third-world countries such as regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America where the citizens have borne some of the worst projectiles of the current coronavirus outbreak. 

This, coupled with misgovernance and internal strife can lead to a potential imbalance in the world economic framework that might be on its way. This accounts for almost two times the sellout proportions as compared to the last five years! It must be pointed out that when you think about how Google alone spent 100B USD before 2010 (a total worth nearly 1 TRILLION dollars today) then on average every $100 invested by one company adds 2X2x per year which equals over ten billion-dollar revenue growth from 2015 to 2018. 

One month after adding 18 million employees via acquisition – Twitter grew twice its sales output; 4 months after 12k new users were added, WhatsApp quadrupled demand within 24 hours — 20 days after 925K+ customers signed up LinkedIn’s quarterly reports rose sevenfold during December 2016 since February 25th

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