As the lockdown continues, Feeding has become a major challenge to some citizens more than the coronavirus itself. The prices of foodstuff have tripled in some areas in the country some places markets are not opening and many are suffering from hunger virus.

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COVID-19 Agricultural Giveaway

COVID-19 Agricultural Giveaway

in view of this, I will advise everyone to take advantage of this lockdown to develop themselves by learning something new that will make you become independent after this lockdown and stop depending on the government for Job, food, money & palliative measures.

While others are complaining of the lockdown and waiting for the government to share food,  you can take advantage of staying at home this two weeks to grow your basic needs at your backyard even as a tenant using sack bags and buckets. This can also turn out to become your plan B source of income after the lockdown.

The government palliative measures cannot get to everyone. I cannot reach out to everyone as well with my little capacity,  But Instead of sharing Food or Money that is not sustainable, I want to teach 50 people how to secure an abundance of food in their houses during this lockdown and also start making money from their backyard during this Stay at home period.

The training is going to be online in order to maintain social distancing. Meaning you can join anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.

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Topics to cover during these two weeks include:

1. Organic Poultry farming which includes Broilers, layers, Cockerel, Boilers etc.

2. Organic Fish farming from hatching to table size.

3. Organic Snail Farming using self-feed and watering method.

4. Organic pig farming (The no smell method).

5. Organic Goat farming.

6. Organic Rabbit farming. You can start making money from the by-product even before selling the Rabbit itself.

7. Organic Treatments/medication for all Livestock. No more Gumboro & Lasota,  No more Synthetic drugs and antibiotics.

8. Homemade Feed formulation for all livestock. Reduce the cost of Feeding on 70% to 30%.

9. Crops and vegetable farming with little or no space in a bucket or sack bag at your backyard.

10. How to prepare Organic Multivitamin with Calcium and Electrolyte, Organic Broad spectrum, Molasses, ACV, LAB,IMO, Tagiri, Organic antibiotics, Organic fertilizer, Organic Pesticide, etc.

Here Are some Bonus Class:

1. How to produce millions of odorless maggots to feed all livestock with 40% Crude protein

2. Free mentorship for 3 months.

Good Luck!



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