As the new reforms are being introduced, the UAE took another initiative for the introduction of job exploration visas. It has become part of the country’s advanced visa system. The intent is to entice job seekers to UAE and also ease out the procedure to apply.

Job Exploration

Job Exploration

In recent years, UAE has announced a plethora of visas in the year 2022. The job exploration process in UAE has taken a pace. As it was released a lot of job seekers turned to the UAE to be able to benefit from the visit visa.  These visa announcements were specifically made for job explorers. The most important feature is that it doesn’t require any host or a sponsor.

The government of UAE has announced the new entrance visa under which they will assess the career options available.  This is called a job exploration visa.

This ease out in visa procedure is done to facilitate job exploration in Dubai and all over UAE. The decision will come into effect in September 2022. This move aims to attract employers and skilled employees across the globe.

There has been a lot of relaxation given by the UAE government for the new visas. There won’t be a need for a sponsor or a host. This will permit the job explorers to investigate the career opportunities in UAE for themselves. In September the application portal was made public. Normally, the usual visa is for a 1-month duration while in this case it is extended to 6 days.

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This is done to entice the young and fresh talent and competent experts to UAE. They are encouraged to work in the UAE for the employment option.

The motive behind this is to attract young professionals and an extremely talented labor force to join the county .They don’t need a sponsor or a host now. A lot of people can apply who are on a hunt for job exploration.

They can greatly benefit from it as they will get a chance to join a stable yet most advanced market in the world.

Here we will discuss the complete guide which explains the eligibility for the job exploration visa in UAE: A person or individual who belongs to the list on MOHRE to first, second, or third competence level. Secondly, we should graduate from 500 universities. Moreover, it is a compulsory requirement to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree to be eligible for it.

Applicants may include businessmen, owners, investors, workers, skilled workers, students, graduates, entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed, and others.

They are encouraged to join the UAE labor force and stay in the UAE for a long time. They will be given a serving period of 1 year to 5 years depending upon the applicant’s eligibility. After that, they will be given visas for an indefinite period.

The cost of the job exploration visa varies according to the duration of the stay. The fee includes AED 1,025 refundable security deposit and insurance. The candidates need to submit their passport copy, color photograph, and attested qualification certificates for the service.

Trade Mark
Trademarks refer to the phrase, insignia, words, symbols, figures, patterns, seals, or signs that are legally registered or set up to represent a specific company, service or a product. They are also referred to as the logo or the hallmark of the company, product, or service. It is how the customers will recognize you in the marketplace.

It is a way to distinguish your products or services from the rest of the competitors in the market. Furthermore, it is also a way to associate a product or service with a certain company or brand name to indicate the customers.

It exclusively highlights and makes the product or service prominent in the market. Furthermore, it is a legal way to differentiate you from the other kind of products on shelves. The trademarks are donated with the two symbols ‘TM’ OR ‘R’. They don’t expire over time. However, the owner should regularly use the trademark to protect and remain associated with it. It is normally regarded as one form of intellectual property.

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They are highly in use these days as they not only distinguish the products but also differentiate the products in legal and business systems.

They are used to identify words, designs, and features from being copied. They can be in the form of slogans, logos, brands, brand name, etc. it not only provides cover to your brand but also prevents the misuse of your brand name, and individuals. and companies are not permitted to use it without proper consent or permission being taken.

Besides, it is also a way to prevent any sort of chaos with the existing products. In the UAE, the competent authority to register trademarks is the Ministry of Economy. As the trademarks come under the banner of intellectual property they are dealt with by The Ministry of Economy in UAE.  Anyone can register the trademark, copyright, or patent via the ministry’s official website.

An application needs to be submitted through an online process.  For registration there Law certain documents needed to apply for the procedure. It may include a trademark logo, a copy of the commercial license, power of attorney, a passport copy, a priority document, and many other attachments that may be required.  Anyone can apply for the trademark in the UAE irrespective he or she is a UAE citizen or not. Foreigners also qualify to apply for it.

As it forms part of intellectual property, the lawyers providing its services are intellectual property lawyers or attorneys. They represent the clients in trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other trade secrets. They facilitate the clients in the creation and registration of intellectual property rights.

In addition, they are responsible to protect and enforce all forms of intellectual property rights.  For that, they might negotiate with the stakeholders. They assist in acquiring licenses and for that, they may prepare the licensing agreements.

The lawyers have ample experience and expertise in representation from investors, individuals, and corporations. They are also held responsible to make sure that individuals’ and companies’ ownership rights are safeguarded.

They serve as the legal counsel and advisor to their clients. Also, they act as advocates for the clients in court proceedings if needed.

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