Claritta Net- Its interest us to let you know that some people are all at home looking for what to do in other to make money. Ponzi scheme has been one of the simplest and easiest ways one can make quick money from the comfort of your respective homes.

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Claritta Net

Claritta Net

Claritta Net was a huge platform that pays people daily. All you need to do is get registered, you will be matched with people who will be willing to pay you.  As of 3 years ago, Twinkas made waves coupled with some other money-making programs such as Ultimate Cycler, Ecooperative,, Pay double site and lots more.

It’s quite unfortunate to learn the bitter truth, has gone down, its no more secured again. Do not be deceived, the Ponzi scheme platforms have collapsed since February 2017. We understood that many people’s money was stocked and they are looking for how to get it back.

Details On How Claritta Net worked

After a member must have registered, you will have to make a payment of N1,500 to the member you have been matched with. After the payment, your claritta account will be activated, which allows you to stand a chance of earning their referral money easily.

Have it at the back of your mind that when you must have made payment to the designated account, you will stand a chance to earn N1,500 from 8 persons after 7 days. That is a huge amount of money you know? No wonder people are doing all they could in other to be a part of this.

Some are even allowed to operate more than 2 accounts. like, when you make a payment of N1,500, you will get N6,000 in just seven (7) days’ time. Now try investing N1,500 twice, you will get N12,000 in 7 days’ time. Now put in N1,500 three times, then you earn N18,000 in 7 days’ time.

One thing i like about them is the referral Money. When you refer people into the platform, and the person invests N1,500, you stand a chance to earn N4,500 in 3days, from 3 Claritta members. People made a lot of cool money via this platform.

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Details On How Claritta Net Crashed!

Claritta.Net crashed on the 9th of Feb 2017 with no specific details on what really caused the problem. That is one thing about the Ponzi Scheme, you should be prepared to lose them anytime and any day. I told people the only Online business I can put in my who the money is Blogging.

Be rest assured that the www.Claritta.Net login platforms are been owned and managed by Nigerian business partners who took ideas from MMM in other to see ways of helping people across the Globe. You ought to look for Legit Ways to make money.

How To Recover Password On

Have you lost your passwords on kindly follow the stipulated steps below in other to regain your claritta login access.

  1. visit
  2. Click on “Contact Us”.
  3. Fill the form and make sure you provide all info you registered with.
  4. After all Click on “Send Message”.
  5. The Claritta Support Team will get back to you.

How to Recover your Money Form

Have you been looking for a way by which you can recover your money form the broken platform? Stay calm. All you need to do now is simply FORGET About it.  This is because the company has no base and can not be traced. That is the main reason we tell people to kindly invest their money in something better.

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