A router will be briefly discussed today in our well-outlined article. Life has been an interesting place you will really love to live in considering the good things Jet Age has made us enjoy to its fullest. As the day goes by, there are more inventions that will contribute greatly to our various lives in restive of where you are or where you live.

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Technology has really improved our daily lives with an amazing invention that will make life worth living and enjoyable. In a comprehensive article, we will be lecturing you on all you really need to know about the Router and how it really works. Kindly read through the article in other not to make any mistake.

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What is a Router?

The big question has been asked on what this router is really all about. Well, It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that router happens to be a common home network device which is been said to simply allow individuals to easily communicate between your local home network.

In other words, when defining what the device really is, get to know it that A router is a device that simply analyzes the contents of data packets which are been transmitted within a network or to another network. As simple as that.

Importance Of Router

One of the importance of this device is that it happens to be the first line of security from intrusion into a network. So, therefore, when you have freely enabled the highest level of security on the router, that alone is the best way you can simply keep your computer system and information safe from attack.

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Do you know that Most routers are been said to be manufactured by companies like such as  Linksys, 3Com, Belkin, D-Link, Motorola, TRENDnet, and Cisco, with many others that are not listed? Furthermore, have it at the back of your mind that almost all routers contain software which is been called firmware, and this should be regularly updated as released by the router manufacturer.

How Does the Router Really Work?

It is important we bring it to your notice that with that, you can just connect a modem to some other devices in other to simply allow you to freely communicate between those devices and the Internet. Know it also that some network device is said to be wireless, which usually feature several network ports to in other to connect numerous devices to the Internet simultaneously.

You can as well connect it physically, with the help of any network cable either to a modem on the  ‘Internet’ or ‘WAN’ port physically via a network cable, straight to the network interface card where you can see the wired network. Know it that a wireless router can easily connect just with the help of various wireless standards to devices that also support the particular standard used.

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How to Install a New Router

Now you have known what the network device is all about, we will be lecturing you on how you can simply connect the device in your respective houses without any form of stress. Kind go down through the list to understand it more in detail.

1: Make sure you have a good internet connection

2:  Now Kindly Place the Router

3:  Now connect to Power

4: You will then connect it to Your Internet Source

5: Carefully Access the Router’s Web Interface

6: Now, connect Wired Devices

7: You will then be allowed to connect it to your PC or Device to Wi-Fi

8: Done and dusted.

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The network device is really an impressive one indeed in as much as you have really known how it works. Kindly ask any questions regarding the post if you have any. Do well to share with family and friends via any of the share buttons. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.




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