It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that Nigeria happens to be the top leading country that has lots of interest in the buying and adoption of Bitcoin (BTC). As you all know that Bitcoin happens to be the top digital currency on the crypto market since 2009.

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Reasons Why Nigerians Buy Bitcoin

Reasons Why Nigerians Buy Bitcoin

Ever since then, Bitcoin has risen to become the most expensive coin the world is trading upon. Now on this page, we will be sharing with you all some wonderful reasons why Nigerians actively buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. Please kindly read down this post to know the reasons.

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5 Reasons Why Nigerians Buy Bitcoin

Below is some reasons why people invest heavily in the leading cryptocurrency without thinking twice. Even when they have no base, but just the internet.

Bitcoin exchanges and marketplaces are rising in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, You can now trade your bitcoin and cash out at will. This is because lots of people have entered the Crypto business. But it will be wise you locate where to buy bitcoin cheaper to avoid spending more than what you should have spent.

Having an account with Luno is the best thing you can ever do. This is because your account will be linked wot Luno account. You can sell to them any time, and you will get the cash equivalent. And also you can as well buy from them and you will be debited I your currency and credited with bitcoin via your wallet.

Most Nigerians Are Unbanked

Based on the report which was shown by Global Findex Data Base 2017, we have been made to understand that almost 4% of Nigerian’s population has no access to financial resources and services.  Long before now, The Central bank of Nigeria CBN noted that over 60 million people are financially excluded from participating in daily transactions.

Transactions are now more accessible as they are not limited to any traditional financial cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, GramFree, Etherium, and Lots more. This is simply because Bitcoin has no base, hence it’s digital money and It is stored, received, and spent ONLY using a digital wallet that is accessible through personal computers.

Money Circulation Using bitcoin is Easier, Faster, and Cheaper

For the first time in a very long time during the first quarter of this year, this great nation Nigeria saw a significant increase in remittance inflows. This was said as a result of having being affected by global economic growth. Due to the fact that the population is much, sending money outside is a lot stressful.

But when sending money through Bitcoin, it’s fair, and it’s stress-free. When sending money via Bitcoin, you have no worries such as network and the rest of the normal stories you hear when trying to use any of the local banks in Nigeria.

Bitcoin operations are automatic which means it has less workforce and operational resources. Hence all kinds of transactions carried out here are cheaper and more efficient. You can give it a trial. Send and receive money through Bitcoin, which saves time as well.

There are many things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Tho they have no base, but be rest assured that there are lots of things you can buy with Bitcoin. When buying something via Bitcoin, there is no limit to that at all. You can acquire things like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and all manner of things in as much as you so desire.

Be rest assured that you can as well buy cars with bitcoin. I mean anything that money can buy. To be honest, the crypto king has really made life easy for all who make use of it. This is one of the major reasons why Nigerians can’t take their hands off it.

There are also things you can use to buy BTC

Note that in the crypto world, bitcoin may seem intimidating or complex, which made people believe that it’s also hard to acquire and use. Getting things done and dusted using bitcoin is never hard or stressful. You can wake up one morning and you have become a Bitcoin Owner.

You can buy Bitcoin with your money from your bank. In as much as you have a Luno account, you can change all your money to Bitcoin. It’s very possible. In a few mins, you are done with the whole thing. You can simply give it a trial, you will like it tho.

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