Have you been looking for sharp ways where you can make rapid money without much stress in Ghana? Menzgold has all it takes to make you who you intend to be as long as Finance it concerned. It is a pleasure we make it known to you all, the platform has long been tested and confirmed legit.

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You can just stay right from the comfort of your home and make cool cash. Furthermore, know it that MenzGold is just a Ghana-based gold dealing company for the past decades. The platform was well known due to the Bank of Ghana’s issuance of a notice.

The notice was said to categorically inform the citizens of Ghana that they should be wary in their dealings with the institution, as they are not licensed by the Central Bank. Anybody who wishes to push on, will all be left alone. Now, attention has been long turned to Menzgold in other to make ends meet.

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Menzgold Review

I know many will be asking who this person really is. Well, it is an honor we make it known to you that Menzgold is simply an investment institution that simply deals on the buying, selling, and exportation of gold, silver, diamond, and other precious stone and metals through a Bullion Banking system.

Having known Menzgold, it interests us to let you know that the multimillion company boasts of banking close to five tonnes of gold, silver, and other precious stones.

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Services Offered By Menzgold

For all those interested in obtaining duties from the multi-million Business, below are the services that are offered by Menzgold.

1: They deal on Bullion depository vault services
2: And also on Jewelry sales
3: They are specialist in mining Pre-financing
4: They offer Gold bullion Investments
5: The sale and purchase of precious stones and metals; smelting and assaying

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Is MenzGold A Financial Institution?

That is the reason why we are giving you a full review of the platform. Please do well to be informed that MenzGold is simply a gold investment company. Have it in mind that they do not pay you cash, Neither do they accept cash deposits. You will trade of Menzgold Coin to be a part of it.

In an interview, we were meant to understand that “MenzGold operations were licensed by the Minerals Commission of the Republic of Ghana”. Furthermore, an Interview in Accra based Joy FM stated that ” the company does not take deposits because it is not a financial institution.

What are Investment Plans?

Talking about the investment plan, know it that you are been expected to purchase 5grams of gold within the interval, to be securely stored in a vault. As long as it lasts for a year, the investor will be shocked at his returns because He or She will have a huge quantity of gold accumulated over the period with the value still intact.

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What is the Fixed Monthly Returns?

Have it at the back of your mind that the gold mining platform MenzGold offers a maximum of 10% monthly return on investment (ROI), thereby giving investors the sure alternative source of income considering the way things are going in the country via economic wise.

How does Menzgold Generates Income?

For all those interested investors, you have no worries at all because the menzgold platform generates its investment income just by leveraging gold price increases over the long-term. At this point, the time-based spread is then shared with the “gold depositor” in the form of fixed monthly earnings.

Can I Make Cash Withdrawals?

Menzgold customers/investors are been allowed to withdraw cash from anywhere in the world at large. Note that in other to make your respective withdrawals, you will have to make use of a Checkbook and a visa debit card.

Before requesting your money, know it also that you will have to opt for all or a proportion of the extra value on your gold to be liquidated for cash and credited into your Ecobank account.

How to Recover your Money On Menzgold

It is quite unfortunate to learn that the platform went for a little break considering the shaking situation of the Menzgold Gold mining opportunities. Be rest assured that the platform might come back to pay the money to the respective customers.

This same thing happened when MMM when for a break, they came back and paid up most of the money, and also leaving some unpaid because people stopped investing in the unit. To make Make up for the lost Money on Menzgold, Click here. It is legit and true.


The platform has been of great help before hitting the rock. Well in all, thanks for your time. Hope you found this article helpful, make it known to us if you have any question regarding this post. Do well to share with family and friends via any of the share buttons. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.



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