PBN SEO Tips- Blogging has been a major source of income in our current world today. But it interests us to let you know that Millions of people don’t really know how to make that Blog/website successful. In some cases, some persons might run a blog with lots of articles on it.

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After writing and constructing lots of articles, still, yet your blog lacks the ability to command traffics. In other to make your blog successful, there are some things and exercise you must carry out. On this Page, we will be sharing with you some SEO Tips On how to build a powerful PBN (Private Blogging Network).

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All You Should Know About PBN

Have it at the back of your mind that PBN fully known as Private Blogging Network is just the process of Building Links back to your Money Site.  In other to make your money Site Rank higher in a google search engine, you must embark on a strong backlink building.

Most times, these links are been built with expired domains that already have strong backlinks. When you do this, the expired domain passes the Link Juice to your money site. At this cause, it will increase your site Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Top 5 Steps On How To Build A Good Private Blog Network

Please note that When building links to your blog, you need to be very careful. When it is not done properly, it might tank that site (Unable to Rank again). In 2014, PBN made lots of waves, after which, google penalized a few of them. Now, there is a new strategy to build it well. With this new method, google might find it hard to find out.

Try Multiple IP Hosting

In the Private blogging Method (PBN) you also need to make use of different IP hosting providers. This is because it will help ensure that the search engines do not notice that they are all under the same network. Please make sure you

Also, you will be required to get a unique IP from different data center servers around the world. This will allow you to choose where you want your site to be hosted.

Build Links With Expired Domains

One of the best ways you can create a good pbn is through the expired domain. Have it at the back of your mind that this expired domain has the power to pass the links Juice to your own blog when it is properly done. Note that when this is done and indexed in google, it will sky rocket your keywords to the front page of google search.

Furthermore, note that PBNs that is built using expired domains is a really good addition to your website. You can make it right when you try this method.

Build PBN Using A Content Management System

Another best way you can get this done is via a content management system (CMS). Be rest assured that WordPress provides one of the best CMSes you can ever imagine. Bear it in mind that CMS will simply allow you to easily input SEO values, In as much as you have no idea of working with code, you can still update and benefits.

The reason why you need to get quality content is that most of the time, PBNs are detected due to low-quality content, hence, many SEOs fail to ensure their private blog networks are provided with quality content.

Your PBN Should be Niche-focused

It interested us to let you know that one of the best links you can build is a Niche-focused PBN because it gives just the best SEO boost to your money site. In other to be on the safe side, kindly make sure your links are been built on Focused-Niche.

Writing Quality Good Content

Sometimes, the reason why most blogs don’t rank in Google is a result of low-quality articles. Please if you want your PBN to work stronger that you can ever imagine, you need to embark on serious article writing.

Note that you will be required to take on valuable content on each of the websites and there should be no spun content on your PBN, Make sure that they are all unique content just as your money site.

I hope you found this post interesting, do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share media platforms. Do you have any questions regarding this post? do well to let us know via the comment session. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.

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