Have you recently bought yourself an action camera? Are you trying to figure out the most innovative ways of using the device? Well, you are in the right place. Here are some creative ways of using an action camera for the best still shots and video


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Underwater shots

Underwater shots are some of the most exciting features of an action camera. The next time you go for a swim underwater or engage in your favorite water activities like snorkeling, always remember to attach the action camera to the helmet. This will give you a fantastic view of life underwater, and the videos can surely be a show stopper!

Aerial shots

Aerial shots are another major attraction for action cameras. This is all thanks to the wide-angle views provided by these devices. All you have to do is attach the camera near the chandelier, and you are good to go. Apart from stills, you can also get some fun videos with a wide-angle aerial view for the best results. This comes in especially handy if you are taking part in action sports like skydiving and the likes.

Dashboard camera shots

While an action camera is a common component of a dashboard camera for security reasons, there is a lot more to that! If you are going out on a bike trip or taking the car out for a road trip, it would be a good idea to get the action camera on. This gives you some rather interesting views of the roads ahead, with a wide-angle view. You can go through the videos and shots later on to reminisce the moments of the trip!

Use a pet mount

Have you wondered what your pet sees at home and gets excited at? While CCTV cameras are a good idea to keep track of what your pet does, there are some more aspects to it. You can get a pet mount to install the action camera, and it follows your pet where it goes. You get a glimpse of what the little one sees throughout the day. This serves a dual role. On the one hand, you can keep tabs on your pet, and on the other hand, you get an interesting view of what they see throughout the day. But to get the live feed on your phone, you would have to keep your device charged. Life Tech Japan recommends using convenient chargersĀ for this purpose.

Use time-lapse settings

Action cameras are gifted with time-lapse settings. This is one of the biggest advantages of such a device. Video recording takes a whole new avatar when you are recording in a time-lapse mode. You can edit the configuration based on how you want to record the views. You could edit the speed and adjust it as per your requirements. You can keep the action camera charged and be ready to record some of the fascinating shots over a long period. You could set it to capture the sunset, or the traffic around, and the likes.

Media journal

A lot of people maintain a journal on a regular basis. This includes a record of their daily activities. This is primarily because writing is a forte for all these people. But for the others, who do not want to write but maintain a journal, an action camera could prove to be an interesting alternative. Use the device to record your day. You could take pictures or even video shots and add those to the media journal you maintain. This is a rather interesting use of the action camera.

Observe weather changes

There are a lot of enthusiasts out there who want to observe and study the weather. The action camera is the perfect tool for this purpose. All you have to do is make sure the camera is fully charged and then place it in an outdoor setting. It should be placed in a safe and secure environment. And you are good to go. You can capture the changes in weather throughout the day and note the rainfall pattern with a waterproof casing. This is a great idea to experiment with if you want to use the device creatively.

There are endless possibilities for innovatively using the action camera. It is one of the perfect additions for every action lover. Get all the accessories ready, and you set for your newest adventure!

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