Adsense has been one of the best Platforms most bloggers monetize their respective sites/blogs. Now the big questions have always been how they can easily receive Adsense Payment down in Nigeria. It is important we make it known to you all that Being an Adsense publisher happens to be one of the best feelings a blogger can get.

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how to receive google adsense payment in Nigeria

Stay calm, in short, and comprehensive article, we will be lecturing you on some easy ways you can simply receive AdSense payment down here in Nigeria without any form of stress. Note that you can get it done right from the comfort of your home.

AdSense Withdrawal Requirements

Bear it in mind that there are some requirements you will need to put into consideration before you can receive AdSense payment. Below is the respective requirement you will need to go through.

  1. Your AdSense account must be approved.
  2. Your AdSense account address must be verified
  3. You must reach the Minimum Payout threshold

Adsense Approval & Verification

It’s quite unfortunate to learn that most people misunderstand AdSense approval to its verification. Well, we will be differentiating both in other to make you understand fully.  Adsense approval is simply when your domain has been approved and giving the license to show ads.

While Adsense verification is when you must have reached a minimum of $10 in your account, Note that a pin will be generated by Google and it will be mailed to the address you filled in. Even if you reach the payout threshold and your AdSense account is not verified, you can not be paid.

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How To Receive Google Adsense Payment In Nigeria

When talking about receiving Adsense payment from Google, Bear it in mind that there are two kinds of methods in which you can be paid. (1) You can receive payment via Check, (2) You can equally receive Adsense payment via Wire Transfer.

how to receive google adsense payment in Nigeria

how to receive google adsense payment in Nigeria

Adsense Check Payment

In this check option, be rest assured that your Adsense check will be mailed to you through DHL, which is said to come with an extra cost.

Furthermore, when talking about a check, sometimes the process is something that takes time. The delay is something most of us can not really handle. In as much as you have the patience and time to wait, you can go with that.

Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF)

If you ask me categorically, I will personally advise you to simply make use of Electronics funds transfer (ETF) Aka Wire transfers. This method is something I like so much and it’s said to be fast and reliable.

Your AdSense earnings will be transferred down to your local accounts with just you having any accounts at all with the respective banks in Nigeria.

Requirements for using this method?

It is a pleasure we bring it to your notice that receiving money from Adsense mustn’t be a domiciliary account. You can get paid with your normal Savings account in any of the banks to make withdrawals.

The main reason why most people prefer domiciliary accounts is that they simply want to receive payment in USD. If you make use of your local servings accounts, your funds will be credited to you in Naira.

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With the above information, you can now simply receive money from Google AdSense without much stress. Do you have any questions regarding this post?

Kindly make it known to us via the comment box. Please do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share buttons. Stay with us as we do all w can to keep you updated.




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