This is really a good one to go down with because we will be lecturing you on how you can be able to optimize Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus. it is a pleasure we make it known to all users that the smartphone making Korean company offers two very useful functions that will really help you out to be able to optimize your battery life.

This is regarding the battery capacity, in particular, know it that it is more equipped with an intervention model that optimizes performance, it will do the work of sending all Android unwanted apps to you.

All users should know is that when relying on the phone settings, in the Device Management section, you can simply click on the Optimize Now button, which will work immediately on the various apps in the background and same time helping it to free up a lot of resources and memory.

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how to optimize the samsung battery

how to optimize the samsung battery

Based on what we gathered, we came to find out that so many people really don’t have the time or chance to do all that. Well, we will advise you that it is still fine in as much as you can also proceed via creating a convenient Widget in Home for faster access to the function.

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There is always a plan b in anything you should do or indulge in life. We are glad to inform you that there is another good solution which will greatly improve the smartness and self-dependent of your smartphone.

Smartphones are been expected to be able to reduce the resolution of the screen and the speed of the microprocessor clock. Well on the other hand, if you really want to use the settings method, you will have to go to Settings> Device management Battery, there, and then you will have to select the desired energy-saving mode. You can as well change the settings which will also enhance the display resolution and processor speed.

With the above information, you can now be able to optimize your smartphone to give you your desired performance. Stay with us as we keep you updated.

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