ATPays has really given hope to all those who feel there is no more hope for them. You can now make lots of money from the ATPays Income Program without encountering much stress. The program has really been so impressive in recent times trying all they can to make sure they put smiles in the faces of their Users.

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atpays review coupon code read news

atpays review coupon code read news

In other to earn more money from ATPays platform, you should be able to carry out some minor task which is been carried out on the ATPays website. Most of this task comprises of your daily logging in, sharing posts, viewing of posts as well as commenting on these posts.

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Making money online has is the best decision you are expected to take. The reason is that you will get this done without much stress. Just seat down with your smartphone and carry out the stipulated rules by carrying out the task the website requires from all earners.

What is Atpays?

Be rest assured that ATPAYS is just an online media that pays all registered members good money in as much as they meet up with the task on the ATPays Website. Just stay right from the comfort of your home and carry out your respective activities by reading news, commenting on news, referring friends, sharing sponsored posts daily as instructed by the company owners.

Bear it in mind that the financial Guru ATPAYS happens to be a registered company under the corporate affairs commission which is said to operate legally to cater to members’ financial instability.

When talking about some income programs in Nigeria, like NNU,twinkas, Clarita NewsPayForum, NewsNaira, ATPays is now the latest in town. They will make sure you get all you so desire. In as much as you really wish to make money, I mean real money.

Why should I register with Atpays Income Program?

This is simply because all users on ATPAYS can be able to earn up to N1000 and more every day. Be rest assured that ATPAYS gets her revenue from a sponsored post from top-notch companies In Nigeria and across the globe. In other to be free from the money issues, Try out ATPays Income program.

How Does ATPays Work?

You are expected to register with ₦4,000 in other to get your coupon code. Once that is done, have access to some of the activities here. Activities are listed below.

  • Daily login
  • Referring to friends and family
  • Sharing sponsored post
  • Making reasonable comments
  • Reading news
  • Creating jokes and post

ATPays Withdrawal And Payout?

Before you can withdraw from ATPAYS, note that the minimum withdrawal for activity earnings is ₦2,000 but if you wish to withdraw your money based on activities done, such as (creating a post, reading news, commenting, sharing a sponsored post), You must have referrals before you can withdraw.

  • 0 – ₦3,000 = 1 referral needed
  • ₦3,001 – ₦8,000 = Get 2 referrals
  • ₦8,001 – ₦12,000 = Get 3 referrals
  • ₦12,001 – ₦15,000 = Get 4 referrals
  • ₦15,000 and above = Get 5 referrals

Note: You can make withdrawals 2 times a week on Monday 8am to 10am or Thursday 8am to 10am once you reach the threshold.

Activities For ATPAYs Income Program Earning

Below is a breakdown of rewards you can get when you carry out the stipulated task on the website.

Welcome bonus: You will earn ₦1350 for joining the ATPays income program.

Daily login: You will earn  ₦50 for your daily login to your account.

Sharing Sponsored post: Once you share their ATPays sponsored post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, you will be credited with  ₦200.

Commenting: Once your comment on any ATPAYS post, you will be credited with ₦5 for each post you comment on.

Reading post: When you read the ATPays news, you will be paid ₦5. If you can read up to 100 posts in a day, it’s your money, hence no restrictions in post-reading.

Posting news and jokes: Here you will earn ₦100 for posting news and jokes that get approved on the ATPays website.

Now when you add all that, you should be having a rundown of the list below.

  • Welcome bonus ₦1,000
  • Daily login ₦1,500
  • Sharing sponsored post ₦6,000
  • Commenting ₦15,000
  • Reading post ₦15,000
  • Posting news and jokes ₦60,000

All of them amounting to ₦98,500 or rounded up to ₦100,000 monthly.

How Does Atpays Generate Their Income?

Have it at the back of your mind that ATPAY generate most of their income from various advertisements placed on their site. ATPAY also pays some users for helping them share the site and make it go viral.

When Does Atpays Income Program Pays It’s Members?

All Atpays members are to withdraw their money 2 times each week. Note that Atpays pay every Monday 8 am to 10 is and Thursday from 8 is to 10 am. During this time, you can empty your dashboard by withdrawing all you wish to.

How to Register with ATPays Income Program

Firstly you must make sure you have a smartphone. Once that is settled, you should visit ATPays the registration Portal. Make sure you fill in the important information which will be required of you. For Coupon Code, call this number( 08166270268) David by name.

Note that the form filling should be like this below;

I hope you found this post interesting? do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share media platforms. Do you have any questions regarding this post? kindly make it known to us via the comment session below. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.





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