Www Twinkas Com has been in existence in Nigeria and so many African Nations as well which has the main goal of making people financially stronger enough to be able to stand on there own. We have come across so many Ponzi schemes which are all playing well, and users are really happy about this.

Do you know that you can make Money online in diverse ways?  To be frank with you, I call the internet the dark world. You can make money Blogging, You can also make money from other Online Marketing strategies. But most people have found favor on Ponzi Schemes.

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Www Twinkas has really made many people be financially stronger enough. Have it at the back of your mind that you can stay right from the comfort of your home and make cool money without any stress, All you need is just your smartphone, Data Plan and a good Network Coverage.

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that according to the company, the scheme was founded by a team of humanitarian specialists with the aim of fostering financial empowerment among members.

In a comprehensive article, we will be lecturing you on how twinkas com really work,  And also coupled with twinkas Login. This post will enable you to know how the Platform works. Have it at the back of your mind that you can not get rich if you are not willing to make money.

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Twinkas Review

This goes to all those who really wish and desire to make money online. It is important we bring it your notice that Twinkas is just a member to member payment method. Furthermore, Participants will simply have to pay/donate money to other twinkas members in other to be paid as well.

Do not be deceived, Twinkas as a company does not have personal accounts where all this money are been paid into, rather, the money circulates around the members as well. If you pay Mr. A, After some days, Twinkas will merge Mr. B, C, and D to make the same payment to you all amounting to 20 % Profits.

We are made to believe that all participants on Twinkas are not simply allowed to have or create ore that one account. This is because the scheme, said that it is reliable, trustworthy, efficient, sustainable, and also offers a 100% and more cash Return On Investment (ROI) in less than or 21 days, which is also coupled with an additional 5% referral commission.

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How Does it Work?

Have it in mind that in as much as you have desired to make money via this Ponzi scheme, Know it that once you must have registered on the platform, You are expected to pay the sum of either N5, 000, N10, 000, N20, 000, N50 000 or N100 000 to another participant which has been assigned to you by the system.

Now, once you must have made the payment to the member been assigned to you, The participant will confirm your payment. Once that is done, 3 persons will be merged to pay you that same amount in which you paid back.

For Eg. If you pay N5,000 to a participant, after the payment has been verified, 3 people will be lined to pay you N5,000 each also. Which will 2 times extra your normal investment money?

How does Twinkas Make Their Own Money?

Wow, this is a nice question. Well, if you ask me categorically, I will tell you that the company does not make a Profit. This is very hard to believe but its the bitter truth. Twinkas does not have any official account where all the money is been transferred into. Hence all the money is been transferred through members alone.

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Packages On Twinkas

Twinkas Stages

Twinkas Stages

How to Register And Login on twinkas

This goes to all those who really wish to be a part of this paying platforms. Kindly read through to understand how it works.

1. You will have to make sure you have a good internet connection
2: Navigate to www.twinkas.com to get started
3: You will have to scroll down in other to create your own account. icon and click on it
4: Make sure you fill in those your information carefully
5: Once your form has been approved, The dashboard will open
6: You will be required to fill in your bank details( Avoid Mistake, because you will not be allowed to make any changes).
7: Write down your activation Pin (The activation pin is said to be important)

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Twinkas is really a good one for all those who wish to make money via Ponzi schemes. But I don’t think the platform still functions. It is on pause for now. Many made crazy money, while others also lost their hard-earned money. Do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the media.

For all those that have one question or the other regarding this post, kindly make it known to us via the comment box. Stay with us as we do al we can to keep you updated. Stay Tuned, We love you.




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