Investing in a new phone is quite common today. With new phones coming out in various iterations seemingly every month, you might even find yourself with more than one phone because of an overlapping contract. No matter how many phones you have or what type of phone you are investing in, you always need a way to charge your phone. This is where portable cell phone charging stations come into play.

Portable cell phone charging stations

Portable cell phone charging stations are just that, stations that allow more than one person to charge their phone. These are stand-alone units that businesses can invest in, especially businesses that are selling new phones. If your business is selling a phone, you can have a portable phone charging station readily available so people can charge their current phones while they search for new phones.

Businesses of any sort that see a large influx of people can also benefit from providing customers with the cell phone charging station like train stations or any other public transit, malls where people are regularly shopping and spending most of their day, and hospitals. When customers are given cell phone charging stations, especially stations that have Universal compatibility so it doesn’t matter what type of phone a person has they’ll be able to find a charging input area, the more likely it is that those customers will spend more time and more money on that business.

Overall Positive Experience

Phone charging kiosks positively impact the experience of customers and visitors who may be unprepared during their visit. Strategically placing cell phone charging kiosks, tables, or lockers in waiting rooms delivers an immediate positive first impression in your facility.

You can find a stainless steel unit for any industry that allows for a large volume of units to be deployed on a budget. These towers offer custom charging solutions for visitors who, during a visit, might forget phone chargers or just have a low battery. Companies can capitalize upon transitional spaces in waiting areas to create an environment that’s supportive and comfortable.

By thinking ahead and providing an essential service around cell phone charging, your company is helping relieve one area of stress by keeping families and loved ones connected in times.

Customers are more likely to use their phones heavily while in a business with time on their hands, giving people updates, checking office emails, making phone calls, or comparing prices. As phone batteries drain and people are unable to stay connected to friends and family during these most pivotal moments, the stress is exacerbated.

Strategically placed cell phone charging units help keep your company running smoothly and safely by keeping visitors away from wall outlets. More importantly, offering a safe cell phone charging unit mitigate the potential risk of tripping hazards brought about by cords and cables strewn across waiting rooms.

These charging stations are:

  • made of stainless steel,

  • durable,

  • easy to clean,

  • ergonomic and unobtrusive,

  • and customizable for your company requirements and standards

By taking the time to invest in such easy to maintain products, companies can make their business a great space to hang out. Even companies that don’t think there will be a need for such charging stations can benefit from it because those offices with charging stations are more likely to have customers visit and hang out especially if they know there is a reliable charging station. This might mean that individuals who are at a mall or nearby I need to charge their phone will take the time to go to the business they know already has a charging station. More importantly, they will likely spend more money investing in that business if they know they are going to be there for a while charging their phones.

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